25 Crochet Gingham Blanket Patterns

Crocheting gingham check or plaid blankets has been one of my favorite things to do as I’ve been on my crochet journey. 

I’ve made 25 and counting, experimenting with different stitches and yarn. There are some basics to learn that can really help you out and make your experience more enjoyable.

Read How to Crochet a Gingham Blanket post for a lot of tips concerning color choices and techniques. 

The best thing to learn is how to change color. It can save you so much time.

In the video below I show you how, but there also are videos linked in most of the gingham patterns.

I hope to be adding to this list in the coming year, but it’s nice to have these all in one spot for now. 


XO, Tiffany

Crochet Gingham Blanket Patterns