Crochet Fringe Ideas for Scarves

Hello Crochet Friends!  

It’s Cyndi!  Six months ago when Tiff started teaching me how to crochet and she helped me develop the ever-popular Fun Fringe Beanie Pattern that so many of you have been making!

 Top LeftCrochet Ribbed HDC Fun Fringe Hat  Center:  Crochet Fun Fringe Baby Headband and Right and the Bottom row:  The Original Crochet Fun Fringe Beanie.


And also for a removable pom pom topper beanies there is the Crochet Fun Fringe Detachable Pom Pom!  They can work with any of the DFC beanie patterns!

 I love the Fun Fringe so much I’ve used it on several scarves.

 Top Left:  Crochet School Spirit Moss Stitch Scarf  Center:  Woven Single Crochet Multi Colored Scarf  Right:  Caron O’Go Halo Rose Gold Hat and Scarf  Bottom Left:  Crochet Fun Fringe Gingerbread Scarf  Center:  Crochet Fun Fringe Moss Stitch Scarf  Right:  Single Crochet Weave Scarf

And now I’m adding it to blankets and throws too!

Polar Puff Crochet Baby Blanket and the Crochet Lake House Throw

Crocheted fringe can be substituted for any cut fringe project you may be working on whether it is knit or crochet! 



Single Crochet (SC): Insert your hook, YO and pull up a loop, YO and pull through two loops on hook.

Slip Stitch (SLST): Insert your hook, YO and pull a loop back through and through loop on hook.


For this add-on version of Fun Fringe,  I worked one row of single crochet at the end of the scarf to create a uniform row from which to work the fringe.

Row 1:  Pull up a loop and work SC. SC into each space along the row. Chain 1 and turn. 

Row 2: Work a slip stitch into the first space from the hook. Chain 15 for long fringe or 8 for short fringe.

Row 3:  Turn and work a Slip Stitch into each chain.  At the base, work a slip stitch into the same space the chain started from. Work a Slip Stitch into the next chain. 

Repeat Row 2 and Row 3 until finished.  Tie off and weave in end.  

And if you like I have a tutorial on my YouTube channel Sugar Joye


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Cyndi aka Sugar Joye