Polar Puff Crochet Baby Blanket

Hello Crochet Friends!  

It’s Cyndi! You might know that a few months ago my sister Tiff has been teaching me how to crochet and how to design crochet and I am absolutely loving it! 

If you haven’t yet, stop by and visit us for Crochet Sister Chat on the Daisy Farm Crafts YouTube channel where we chat about what we are working on and I get to ask Tiff all of my beginner crochet questions!  

I am happy to announce I learned a new stitch! I have long admired the crochet projects Tiff and Hannah have designed using those cute little bubbly stitches that add so much texture and interest to a project.

I watched Hannah’s Crochet Happy Heart Hot Pad tutorial and after a few views and a little practice, I learned the puff stitch just like that!  

The big challenge with the puff stitch is pulling the yarn through the seven loops gathered on the hook to finish the puff. 

I was having a little trouble pulling through with a regular hook and I discovered that switching to a Susan Bates hook with the way it is designed with a pointed tip and narrow hook made a big difference.

My favorite part of the project was using the puff stitch to make the fringe!  It was so easy to do and I think it looks just adorable!


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Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo (100% acrylic, 396 g/14 oz, 681 meters/744 yards, 4 weight worsted)

1 skein Aran

Red Heart Super Saver (100% acrylic, 198 g/7 oz, 333 meters/364 yards, 4 weight worsted)

1 skein Light Gray

Caron One Pound (100% acrylic, 454g / 16 oz, 742 meters / 812 yards, 4 weight worsted)

1 skein Pink

6.5 mm Susan Bates crochet hook, tapestry needle, measuring tape


Single Crochet (SC): Insert your hook, YO and pull up a loop, YO and pull through two loops on hook.

Puff Stitch: *YO, insert your hook and pull up a loop. Repeat from * 3 more times, inserting your hook into the same space, YO and pull through all loops

Color Chart



Approximate finished size 36 in x 48 in

Chain 104 (or any even number needed for approximately 3 feet.) 

ROW 1: SC in the 4th chain from the hook, *CH 1, SK 1 CH, SC in the next CH* repeat to the end of the row. (The last stitch should be a SC in the last chain.) CH 2 and turn. 

ROW 2: Starting in the first CH 1 space from previous row, work 1 SC. *CH 1, skip 1 SC, SC in next CH 1 space, repeat from * across the row, ending with 1 SC worked into the space between the final SC and CH 2 turning chain from the previous row. CH 2 and turn.

Repeat row 2 for the next 10 rows following the color change chart.

ROW 11: Before you finish pulling all the way through with Aran/White in your final SC, stop and pull through with pink. Work the turning chains in pink and then work *puff stitch, CH 1, SK 1, SC, SK 1, CH 1, repeat from * across the row.  When you get to the last space, work a regular single crochet and pull through with the white before you finish the stitch. CH 2 and turn.

Tip: On the puff rows, you still are working Moss Stitch but substituting every other SC for a puff. You are still working a CH 1 after each SC or Puff. 

Going forward you are working the Moss Stitch, following the color change chart.  All of the Puff Stitch rows including the return Moss Stitch row are worked in Pink.  For a total of 105 rows.

Tie off by pulling last loop through and weave in the ends. 

Puff Stitch Fringe

Row 1: At the bottom corner stitch insert hook and YO.  Single crochet into each stitch to the end of the row, chain 1 and turn.  

Row 2: Slip stitch one space. 

Row 3: Slip Stitch into the 2nd space, chain 16, turn.

Row 4: Work one puff stitch into the next chain, chain 1 and work a Slip Stitch into the next 13 chains.  At the end of the chain work 1 puff stitch into the original starting space, chain 1, work a Slip Stitch into the next 4 chain spaces

Row 5: In the 5th space work one slip stitch and Repeat Row 3 and 4 until the end of the row finishing with a slip stitch.  Tie off and weave in ends.

Make sure to visit my YouTube channel Sugar Joye for a video about how I made this throw! 


And for a fun gift idea, I found this adorable book called Polar Bear by Candace Fleming and Eric Rohmann that pairs beautifully with this snuggly blanket!

Thanks for stopping by! 

XO, Cyndi

Tap here or picture below for the free printable pdf.