Crochet Flower Roundup!

Hello friends! I’ve been on a hunt for flower patterns to make cute little shrugs and sweaters for my granddaughters and that usually leads me to search the pattern archives of 

Last week, you may have seen me use a flower pattern from a blanket they have on their site called Field of Daisies

My search led me down a rabbit hole of flower patterns, vintage and new, and I gathered them into a list. Part of this roundup project on our site is also my version of saving patterns I want to attempt someday. You never know when creativity strikes, and then in that moment, you can’t remember where you saw the pattern. 

I have a whole category called Roundups now on the site, and it’s helping me stay organized and inspired. This list of flower patterns has everything from motifs to doilies to blankets. Everything is centered around the idea of a crochet flower. 

Maybe something will spark your creativity! I turned the Field of Daisies square into little shrug for baby Kate, and then also used it in a top for baby Nora! 

And for the bodice portion of baby Nora’s top, I used a sweater pattern from the Baby Sweater and Dress Roundup I published several weeks ago. (I’ll be publishing the full details in a blog post next week.) But here’s the pattern I used: 

I just used the bodice portion and also put the button closure in the back. I want to get a picture of Nora wearing it and then I will for sure share! 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy scrolling through our Flower Roundup.

Thank you so much for stopping by! 

XO, Tiffany 


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