50 Free Crochet Chevron, Ripple, Wave, and Zig Zag Blanket Pattern Roundup

I’ve been wanting to round up ALL the chevron, ripple, wave and zig zag patterns I could find on the Yarnspirations website! I had to stop myself at 50! There were so many classics and modern ones to choose from. 

I have a work in progress currently of a ripple blanket in soft beachy tones to accompany the book *THE POUT POUT FISH, as a gift for my latest nephew and that’s what prompted my search. 

Ripples and waves work so well with an ocean-themed baby blanket. I can’t wait to show you which pattern I chose. 

I also love Chevrons for sports-themed blankets, or High School Graduation Throws. They are so fun to make in the college colors. Or even make one in professional sports colors. They make wonderful stadium blankets. 

Either way, I hope this list inspires you! I know I am happy to have them all gathered in an easy-to-scroll through list. 

If you are wanting to see what Chevron patterns we have designed, we also have them in a list too. 



Tap here to see the Daisy Farm Crafts Chevron patterns. 



I have a whole category dedicated to all sorts of Roundups now if you need even more ideas of what to make. 



Tap here to see all the Roundups I have gathered so far.



Enjoy and Happy Crocheting! 

XO, Tiffany



50 Free Crochet Chevron, Ripple, Wave, and Zig Zag Patterns


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