Crochet School Spirit Moss Stitch Scarf

scarf on table

Hi there! It’s Cyndi, Tiffany’s sister sharing one more design I did with the Moss Stitch and adding fun fringe! 

Our younger sister Nichole is hosting an exchange student from Italy this year. Her name is Chiarra and she joined the cheerleading team at the local high school. 

I thought it would be so fun if she had a scarf in the school colors. 

scarf table

I used the same pattern I shared with you all the other day for this scarf: 

scarf on table

I am having so much fun learning to crochet and the Moss Stitch has been a great one for me to practice with. I can do so much with color!

I also am such a fan of doing the fringe as slip stitches. They look so neat and tidy.

cat wearing scarf
Leslie in the Moss Stitch Scarf

I love this stitch so much I made little scarves for my grand-kittens! (These are my daughter Madeline’s kitties Leslie and Mona)

cat wearing scarf
Mona in a Moss Stitch Scarf

Clearly I’m having too much fun! 

yarn skeins on table

The above photo is the yarn that I used. I really appreciate that Super Saver has so many colors in the line for me to choose from and even though it seems to have a stiffness about it, when I wash the project, the yarn softens right up. 

Here is a color chart you’ll need for the yarn changes:


The colors I used were Red Heart Super Saver in Black, White, Charcoal and Pumpkin. You can find so many colors on

But Tiff put together a video tutorial for the scarf you can watch below: 

And for a free printable pattern see the original blog post for the crochet Fun Fringe Moss Stitch Scarf

scarf and yarn on table
tap photo for pattern

Happy Crocheting!