Crochet Fun Fringe Gingerbread Scarf

brown scarf with fringeHi All!  It’s Cyndi, Tiffany’s sister!  If you have been following along Tiff has been teaching me how to crochet and this is a yummy scarf I crocheted a couple of months ago in the Mesh Stitch.  

I originally finished it with a traditional cut fringe but since then Tiff and I have been developing patterns for crocheted fun fringe that we really like, I wanted to try another fun fringe variation.  

brown scarf with fringe

So I took out all the original loose yarn fringe and I added a chunky slip stitch fringe that makes for an easy and clean finish. (Also a lot less tedious than cutting and attaching loose yarn.) 

This is a great way to do the fringe when you want it all one color too. In my other scarf design, the fringe is made at the same time as the scarf, so the fringe is multi-colored.

Red Scarf with fringe
This scarf is made in Moss Stitch. Tap photo for the pattern.

Overall, I just love making fringe this way now. It also is helping me so much to learn and get really acquainted with the first three basic stitches, chain, slip stitch, and single crochet. 

scarf with fringe

The Mesh Stitch and Moss Stitch use the very same SC and CH 1 combo but give such a different look. Here is the Moss Stitch School Spirit Scarf I made, and maybe you can spot the difference. 

scarf with fringe
tap photo for pattern

But I really do love them both! 

If you are a beginner like me, I really think these two stitch combos have really got me excited to continue learning how to crochet. 

In fact, I went a little crazy and made myself a sweater with all single crochet! 

scarf over crochet sweater

I just used my sewing knowledge and made rectangles of all single crochet. I’m working on more specific details that I’ll share soon! But I’m so excited to have a wearable. 

Thanks all for following me on this journey! 

XO, Cyndi aka Sugar Joye


RED HEART SUPER SAVER (100% acrylic, 7 oz/198 g, 364 yds/ 333 m) 

1 each, Gold, Aruba Sea, Cafe Latte

CARON ONE POUND (100% acrylic, 16 oz/453.6 g, 812 yds/ 742 m) 

1 skein, Terra Cotta 

Size H/5.5 mm hook, tapestry needle, scissors


Finished size 84 in x 8 in


SINGLE CROCHET (SC): Insert your hook, YO and pull up a loop, YO and pull through two loops on hook.

(This pattern uses the Mesh Stitch which is SC and CH 1 combo. FOR A TUTORIAL, CLICK HERE.)

 Order of colors used:


Chain 280 any even number for 7 feet (84 inches)  There will be a total of 26 rows. 

ROW 1: Starting in the 2nd chain from hook, work 1 SC. *CH 1. Skip one chain, SC in next chain. Repeat from * across the row, ending with 1 SC into the last CH. CH 1 and turn. (279 total sts.)

ROW 2: Starting in the 1st stitch, SC into SC of previous row. *CH 1, skip the chain space, SC into the next SC. Repeat from * across the row, ending with 1 SC into the last SC. CH 1 and turn.


Cut yarn at the end of each color change leaving at least 8 inches of tail. Secure last stitch by pulling it through the loop to create a knot then weave in the end with a tapestry needle. 

Chunky Fun Fringe 

Find the first chain at the bottom corner of the scarf.  Insert hook and pull up a loop leaving an 8-inch tail to weave in later. Across the bottom of the scarf crochet one row of slip stitches chain 1 and turn.   Crochet one row of Single crochet, chain 1 and turn. (26)

NOTE:  My scarf was a little loose at the ends and I found the one row of slip stitch pulled it in and squared it off nicely.  I followed with the Single Crochet row because two rows of Slip stitch pulled it in too much.  Also finding where to place the hook is a little tricky, you just want to make sure to have 26 stitches across.


*Slip stitch into each of the next 2 sts, chain 21, turn.  Starting in the second chain, work 1 slip stitch into each chain. (20)  

Slip stitch into the scarf chain to anchor, turn and work SL ST into the back loop of each SL ST of the fringe. At the top of the fringe chain 1 and turn and SL ST into each back loop of  SL  ST for a total of 3 rows of slip stitch.

Repeat from * for a total of 6 chunky fringe pieces, Sl ST into the last two spaces,  Secure last stitch with a slip stitch, pull through and knot.  Weave in ends.

Click here or image below for pdf download.

XO, Sugar Joye