Crochet Cable Twist Hat

Crochet Cable Twist Hat

Hello crochet friends! I have a new hat pattern for you to accompany the cable mittens I shared with you a few weeks ago!

Crochet Cable Twist Hat


For average Woman’s Size Head

2 skeins Patons Wool Roving

Hook: Size J


Tapestry needle

Pom Pom Maker, or purchase an already made pom pom.

(A PDF of this pattern is also available on Etsy.)

My beautiful daughter Nico 🙂


Chain a multiple of the number 8 to fit comfortably snug around your head, then add 3 more chains. (My number was 56 plus 3) (Giving you the multiple lets you use whatever yarn you’d like.)

Starting in the 3rd chain from hook, *work one HDC.  In each of the next 2 chain spaces, work DC. In next chain, work one HDC. In each of the next 4 chains, work one DC. Repeat from the * across to the end of the row. Work one more HDC as your last stitch. CH 2 and turn. (Essentially the repeated sequence is: HDC, DC, DC, HDC, DC, DC, DC, DC, repeat.)

Going forward HDC’s are worked in between each other or another way of saying it is to the left of the post, or, under all three loops the HDC makes. Here is a video clip of a blanket I made using this stitch if you need help understanding.

FPDC stands for front post double crochet and BPDC stands for back post double crochet. Insert your hook around the post to either pop it forward (fpdc) or to the back (bpdc).

Row 2: *HDC to the left of the hdc stitch. FPDC around each of the next 4 dc. HDC (make sure you skip over to the left of the hdc in the row below) FPDC around the next 2 DC. Repeat from * to the end of the row.

Row 3: *HDC, BPDC around next 2 posts. HDC, BPDC around next 4 posts. Repeat * and end with one HDC. (hint: it’s always worked in between the last stitch and the turning chain.)

Row 4: (Cable twist row. ) *HDC, Skip the next three DC and FPTC (Front Post Treble or Triple Crochet – I’ve seen it defined both ways) around the 4th DC. FPTC around the third, then the second, then the first stitch you skipped. Twist that work and reach over for your next HDC, FPDC around next 2 Posts. Repeat from * and end with one HDC in between the last stitch and the turning chain.

Row 5: Repeat row 3

Row 6: Repeat row 2

Row 7: Repeat row 3

Row 8: Repeat row 4

Row 9-16: Repeat rows 5-8

Row 17-18: Repeat rows 3 and 2.

Row 19-21: SC2tog (single crochet 2 together) across every two stitches to decrease and gather the top of the hat. Cut off leave a long tail and continue gathering in the top of the hat with a tapestry needle and sew the two sides together.

TIP: SC2tog means: insert your hook into the stitch, yarn over and pull back through, insert your hook into the next stitch, yarn over and pull back through, yarn over and pull through all loops on your hook. You are turning two stitches into one and gathering the work in.

Weave in all ends. Attach pom by threading the two tails down through the top of the hat and tying the ends into a knot on the underside of the hat.

Video Help for Cable Twists:

Part Two of video help for Cable Twists:

This is what the hat will look like before you sew up the sides and attach the pom:Crochet Cable Twist Hat

Heres a picture of the crochet cable twist mittens I made and shared a few weeks ago in case you are seeing the hat first and now want to go and make matching mittens!

cable twist mittens

I am in love with the construction of the mittens as you simply make them in a rectangle, fold them in half and add a thumb working in a spiral fashion.crochet cable mitten

cable crochet mitten

I hope you’ll enjoy your hat and mittens! As you make these you will see that they definitely have a front and a back side. I don’t think we will be able to make a matching scarf. The back side would not be pretty at all and a scarf definitely needs to look good on both sides. Maybe a match would be ribbing just on the two ends and work just the HDC for the main part?

Hmm..maybe I will have to think about a matching scarf…

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