Handmade Hugs – 55 Giftable Crochet Patterns

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Our third crochet book is now available on Amazon! Wahoo! Hannah has been working hard editing and collecting 55 popular patterns from our website. She has put together a beautiful book we are excited to share with you HANDMADE HUGS: 55 GIFTABLE CROCHET PATTERNS.

As our website has grown, and patterns are added, we recognized the need to have the most popular ones put into a book so they are more easily accessible. 

These patterns will still be available on our website, but having the most popular ones in a book we hope can be helpful to you. 

We made four sections for this book- baby blankets, throws, winter wear and hot pads. There are 22 baby blanket patterns, 10 throw patterns, 15 winter wear patterns, and 8 hot pads. 

In the Baby Blanket section we have included the following patterns: 

  1. Baby T Blanket
  2. Bundle Up Dots Blanket
  3. Velvet Chandelier Baby Blanket
  4. Sea Stripes Baby Blanket
  5. Gold Puffs Baby Blanket
  6. Mini-checked Gingham Blanket
  7. Fruity Stripes Baby Blanket
  8. Chunky V-Stitch Blanket
  9. Rainbow Moss Baby Blanket
  10. Snowy Mountains Baby Blanket
  11. Bundle Up Modern Dash
  12. Griddle Stripes Baby Blanket
  13. Pink Petal Baby Blanket
  14. Squared-Off Chevron Blanket
  15. Boho Modern Granny
  16. Tulip Ripple Baby Blanket
  17. Vintage Fringe Stripes
  18. Flower Baby Blanket
  19. Velvet Flower Rows Blanket
  20. Windowpane Puff Baby Blanket
  21. Bettyann’s Sweater Blanket
  22. Black and White Gingham Blanket

All blanket patterns include a pattern repeat, if there is one, so they can be adjusted to whatever size you need. They are written in the same style we have on the website- explanatory and approachable for a beginner with some crochet experience. 

In the Throw section we have included the following patterns: 

  1. Herringbone Half Throw
  2. Forever Fleece Throw
  3. Velvet Buffalo Check Throw
  4. Velvet Windowpane Throw
  5. Mesh and Ribbed Stitch Throw
  6. Modern Stripe Throw
  7. Giant Basketweave Throw
  8. Ribbed Velvet Throw
  9. Modern Moss Stitch Throw
  10. Inverse Squares Throw

In the Winter Wear section we have a variety of hats, scarves, and a mitten pattern. 

  1. Easy Crochet Beanie
  2. Beginner Colorful Scarves
  3. Easy Velvet Twist Headband
  4. Baby T Hat
  5. Chunky Color Dipped Scarf
  6. Cable Twist Hat
  7. Ribbed Velvet Twist Headband
  8. Cluster Stitch Infinity Scarf
  9. Vintage Stripes Beanie
  10. Velvet Mittens
  11. Spiral Front Loop SC Hat
  12. Linked Stitch Hat
  13. Dreamy Textured Scarf
  14. Mesh and Berry Hat
  15. Houndstooth Hat

In the Hot Pad section, we included several of our very favorites.

  1. Spring Stripes Hot Pad
  2. Striped Heart Hot Pad
  3. Picnic Gingham Hot Pad
  4. Bunny Hot Pad
  5. Fall Colors Textured Hot Pads
  6. Tree Stripe Hot Pad
  7. Candy Cane Hot Pad
  8. Christmas Tree Puff Hot Pad

If you would like to read through any of these patterns before you buy the book simply enter the name of the pattern in “quotations” in the search bar of our site and it should pop up for you. 

In the printed books, we also have included a QR code that you can scan that will take you to the Youtube tutorial for even more help if you need it. 

Overall, we are so incredibly grateful for your love and support through the years.

As I say in the introduction of the book, what started as just a wish to become a grandma by crocheting a few blankets has brought more love and joy into my life than I could ever imagine. 

This book wouldn’t be possible without the encouragement of all of you in our Daisy Farm Crafters Group and Instagram community. I’m grateful Hannah has the skill to take our patterns and turn them into a book. She has designed, laid out, edited, and uploaded the entire book. 

I’m grateful to all my girls for willing to design and model for me. My grandbaby Jack is on the cover and the girls you see in the book are my daughters and daughter-in-law with the exception of the two darling children in the vintage stripes beanie in the photo below. They are Adella and Ames, children of my dear friend, former babysitter of my children, Meagan Nolan Wilson. 

(And if you are curious about the book they are reading in the photo it is our children’s book called Daisy’s Grandma Loves to Crochet.) 

The book should be available in Australia, Europe, Canada, and the USA and more. The best way to know is to log into Amazon for your country. We have a Kindle print replica version available, paperback and hardback version.

Amazon didn’t offer a spiral version, but Hannah made sure the margins are large so if you take the paperback version to Staples or Office Depot, they should be able to get it spiralbound for you. 

Again, thank you very much for your support and love! 

XO, Tiffany