Wide Half Double Crochet – In Between the Posts

Half Double Crochet-In Between the Posts

Here’s an easy stitch to learn with just one modification – insert your hook under all three loops that a half double crochet makes, working in between the posts. This simple stitch eliminates lines running across your work. So if you were searching for something more modern looking, this half double crochet-in between the posts stitch is for you!

Thanks to our friends at Yarnspirations for creating this helpful graphic!

Chain any length, in 3rd chain from the hook, HDC, (yarn over, insert hook, yarn over pull back through, yarn over, pull through all three loops left on hook. Stitch complete.) On the second row, yarn over, insert hook under all three loops and in between each stitch, YO and pull back through, YO and pull through all the remaining three loops on your hook.  Make sure you make the last stitch in between the last HDC post and chain two turning chain.

Always chain 2 and turn.

Make a sample swatch to adjust your hook size up or down, because you are working around three loops, going up a size might help to loosen up the work.

Watch this video for more help:

I used this stitch for this super easy, beginner friendly simple baby blanket.Half Double Crochet-In Between the Posts

It’s also used in a few of my baby sweater patterns:

And since the new Bernat Velvet and Baby Velvet yarns came out earlier this year we’ve discovered that HDC in between the posts is our favorite stitch to use it with! Here’s some of the velvet projects we’ve used it for so far:

Modern Crochet Velvet Throw

Improv Crochet Baby Blanket

Crochet Velvet Flowers Throw

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