Single Crochet

Let’s start at the very beginning..🎼 😊. 
This is the very first stitch I teach. After you master the chain, I suppose. 


Start with any number of chains.

Insert into the second chain from the hook. Yarn over (YO) and pull back through the space, (I also call this pulling up a loop). YO and pull the yarn through the two loops on your hook. The stitch is now completed.  Insert your hook into the next chain and repeat. 

Tips about SC: Always chain one and turn and insert your hook into the SC of the row below you just made. Always insert your hook under the two loops that look like a V, unless the instructions call for the “back loop only” then it would be under one loop furthest away from you. (Assuming you look down on the top of the stitch like a bird). 

If you are a beginner, count each row. If you are supposed to have 20 SC across make sure you do after every row.  Sometimes finding the very last stitch is tricky and often missed.