Why Crochet Makes Me Happy

Why Crochet Makes Me Happy

My love for people all over the world who take the time to like, comment, share, or simply just follow on the Daisy Farm Instagram account or Facebook page is growing and something special is happening to me. It finally hit me the other day what that is-I am happy. I’m happy everyday to wake up, clean the house as fast as I can, finish my morning walk, bathe and get dressed, so I can start my crochet work. I have so many projects lined up in my head, I’m wishing I had another set of arms so I could work on two projects at once! It feels like my brain, instead of being busy with stressful problems like before, is now busy with exciting new creative ideas. 

I received an email recently from a follower of the Farm that I’d like to share that illustrates exactly what I’m trying to say. 

Dear Lady,
I am not too good at this computer thing but I am so grateful that I was able to download and print the chevron pattern.  I am wanting to crochet a baby blanket so I was delighted when my sister helped me to find your pattern.
I have just lost my husband to cancer and I have a son with motor neuron disease so I am very sad and anxious and thought this crochet would be something to help me cope with a busy mind.
God bless and thank you.
Love, a follower of the Farm, (she signed her name but I’ll keep her anonymous)

Why Crochet Makes Me Happy

I love her for writing to me and also extremely humbled to know a pattern I shared is going to help her. My prayers and heart felt thoughts are with her in this incredible time of sorrow as I know yours are too. But don’t you love her insight? I love how she hopes “this crochet would be something to help with a busy mind.”

 I love it, because that is what has happened to me. I know crochet can help do that for her.

The two years that I helped Annie recover from brain surgery when she was only eleven, nearly broke my mind with worry and stress. I learned in professional counseling to busy my mind with something else.

If I thought about the past, of Annie singing Taylor Swift songs word for word as she danced around the house, or her avid reading skills and excellent academics that were all taken away from her, I would get depressed. When I worried about her future, the loss of her vocabulary that she’d have to relearn, her short-term memory becoming impaired, it brought me nothing but anxiety and fear. (You can read more about her Epilespy here.)

girl standing outside
This is Annie at age 9, one day before her first serious seizure that led to two years of intractable epilepsy.

I was taught by my counselor to only live in the day you are in. So I would bring my crochet to the hospital with me, to the rehab appointments, and only think about the progress Annie made in that very day. But mostly, I’d find I was thinking about how stitches were lining up on top of each other.  And those thoughts would lead me to ponder about color combinations or different yarn types. Then, I’d want to figure out how to make a hat, then a sweater, and I’d work and study and find that all of those thoughts were taking up the space of the worried thoughts and easing my mind.  

woman wearing crocheted hat
Annie at age 17…what a journey she’s had.

(I hope this dear follower will not give up on that tricky chevron. After writing about and discovering that the chevron pattern is a perfect metaphor for life I think she made a great choice.)

Why Crochet Makes Me Happy
My baby niece, Lucia, happy with her new chevron blanket!

And now today, instead of worrying over my daughter Hannah’s infertility struggles, I’m just getting to work. I’m making blankets and adding creativity into the world and loving the opportunity to share it with you all. Especially when the blankets I make turn out to be for some one else’s long awaited baby. Every stitch I work is turning out to be so much more than what I originally thought, and it is filling my brain with even more good thoughts and bringing me so much happiness.

So thank you, dear followers of the Daisy Farm, for this joy I’m feeling. I love the scripture in Colossians 2:2 when Paul refers to hearts knit together in love, but for me and you, let’s substitute the word crocheted for knit.



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