Single Crochet Chevron Baby Blanket

close up blue and orange crochet chevron blanket with puff border

Will a chevron blanket ever go out of style? I don’t think so. I remember this from my childhood, made with a lot of orange and browns however, but the new updated colors make this a classic. I love the white in between each color change.


This is made with “I love this cotton” brand of yarn from Hobby Lobby. I bought it on sale for 2.66 a skein and I am finding that almost one skein is needed to complete 8 rows


Start by chaining 177, Single Crochet in the BACK loop always to achieve this look.

Beginning in the 2nd chain from hook, SC2TOG, SC in next 13 CH, 3 SC in next CH, *SC in next 13 CH, SK next 2 CH, SC in next 13 CH, 3 SC in next CH; REP from * to last 15 CH, SC in next 13, SC2TOG in the last 2 CH. 6 ripples

ROW 2: CH 1, turn, SC2TOG, SC in the next 13, SC, 3 SC in next SC, *SC in the next 13 SC, SK next 2 SC, SC in next 13 SC, 3 SC in next SC; rep from * across to last 15 SC, SC in next 13, SC2TOG.

ROW 3 and 4: Rep Row 2, 2 more times and then change colors.


I added a pom-pom border because the baby was a girl! The baby I was making this for, which I thought would be a boy, just a feeling, actually was a girl.  So, I thought pom-poms would make this more fun and feminine.

I made up the pattern after learning how to do a bubble stitch. 

Do a row of single crochet into each stitch around the blanket. On the sides of the blanket, I made sure I only did eight single crochet for each color block because it was eight rows high.

Then I did another row of single crochet into each one of those single crochet stitches. So at this point, I’ve gone around the blanket two times with single crochet.

Then, I did a row of one SC, CH 3, SK one SC, SC in next SC. This forms the loops that the bubbles will attach to.

After I finished that all the way around the blanket, I changed to the mango color, attaching to the white with a SC in the loop space on the right hand corner. I only am doing the top and bottom of this blanket with the pom-poms, not going all the way around the blanket.

So here is the pom-pom stitch I used:

CH 5, in the 4th CH from hook DCTOG3, (meaning YO, pull up a loop, go through two, three times) pull through all for loops (half a bubble made), DCTOG3 in the next CH, (other half of bubble created) slip stitch the bubble together, SC in the next CH 3 space and repeat.
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