Extended Half Double Crochet Winter Hat

Extended Half Double Crochet Winter Hat

I’ve been trying to use up my stash of Paton’s Wool Roving and I decided to make another variation of the Beginner Friendly Crochet Hat my mom designed for Yarnspirations a few months ago.

These hats use the same technique of making a rectangle, then folding it in and half and stitching the sides together, then gathering one end together at the top and adding a pom pom.  Since I’m still very much a beginner crocheter and haven’t really mastered the technique of working in the round, I really love this easy way to make hats.

Extended Half Double Crochet Winter Hat

This pattern is mostly the same as the Yarnspiration’s beginner hat, except instead of using a half double crochet cluster, I used extended half double crochet so that it still sort of gives the hat a faux cable look, but is a little bit more flat.

Below is a picture of the Yarnspirations beginner scarf and hat that uses the half double crochet cluster and it’s not too late to sign up for the beginner program if you’re interested!  There are video tutorials for a scarf, hat and pair of mittens.  You can click here to sign up for emails that will give you some coupon codes for yarn or you can click here to go straight to the patterns and videos.

crochet hat scarf

In the Yarnspiration’s pattern my mom used a pom pom maker to make her own pom pom, but I recently discovered these pre-made Bernat Faux Fur Pom Poms and I really love how they turned out! A great alternative if you want to save some time :).


2 skeins of Paton’s Alpaca Blend (Colors pictured are Butternut, Smoke and Peony.)

Size J Hook

Tapestry Needle


Bernat Faux Fur Pom Pom

(A PDF of this pattern is also available on Etsy.)


Chain 34.

ROW 1: In the third chain from the hook, work a half double crochet (HDC).  HDC to the end of the chain.  Chain 2 and turn.

ROW 2: HDC across the whole row, working in the front two loops only (the chain 2 does not count as your first HDC). Chain 2 and turn. 

ROW 3: In the first stitch of the row below, work an Extended HDC (YO and insert your hook up through the front two loops. YO and pull back through, YO and pull through one loop, YO and pull through all three loops on hook). SC in the next stitch, working in the front two loops only, then work another Extended HDC.  Continue across the row, alternating front two loop SC and Extended HDC.  When you reach the end of the row, chain 2 and turn.

ROW 4: HDC across the whole row, working in the front two loops only (when you are working into the SCs from the row below, there will only be one front loop to go through.) Chain 2 and turn. 

Row 5-6: HDC across the whole row, working in the front two loops only (the chain 2 does not count as your first HDC). Chain 2 and turn. 

Repeat rows 3 through 6 until you have 48 rows total.

When you finish the last row, chain one and line up the two ends together, making sure the Extended Half Double Crochet sides are facing toward each other.  Slip stitch the two sides together.  (If you don’t like to slip stitch, you can also sew the two sides together with a tapestry needle).   When you finish joining the sides, tie off, leaving a long tail that you can use to gather the top.

After you’ve joined the two sides, flip the hat inside out so that the Extended HDCs are facing outward. (If you look closely at the picture at the top of the post you can see that I forgot to flip my pink hat outward before I attached my pom pom…it doesn’t look bad, but I’m sad it doesn’t have the same texture as the other two.)

Then use the long tail and a tapestry needle to gather the top into a circle.  For me, the easiest way was to weave the thread around the edges about two stitches apart and then to pull it tight once I went around the whole thing.

Once you’ve gathered the end and made the top of the hat, you can attach your pom pom.  The pom pom comes with two long strings that you can use your tapestry needle to secure to the top of the hat.

And that’s it! I hope you enjoy making these hats; I think they are a fun and simple way to create something that looks more complicated than it really is!

Extended Half Double Crochet Winter Hat


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