Double Crochet V Stitch

Make a chain in any even number.

ROW 1: In the fourth chain from the hook work 2 DC. SK (skip) the next chain space, *DC 2 in the next chain space, then SK the next chain. Repeat * across the row and work one DC into the very last chain. Chain 3 and turn. (This will count as your first DC)

ROW 2: Work 2 DC in between each pair of DC from the row below. Insert your hook into the space between them. Repeat across the whole row and end with one DC into the top of the first chain three. Chain three and turn.

Continue repeating row 2.

Below are some simple baby blankets you can make with this stitch!

Modern Double Crochet V-Stitch Blanket

Crochet Modern V-Stitch Blanket in Red, White and Blue

Crochet V-stitch blanket