Crochet Mixed V-Stitch Baby Blanket

gray white pink crochet blanket

I’ve always loved both the Half Double Crochet V-Stitch and the Double Crochet V-Stitch because they both work up fast and look more complicated than they really are, and I love how they look together in this baby blanket!

gray white pink crochet blanket on ladder

For this blanket I used some Caron Cotton Cakes that I found at my local Michael’s over the summer and I love how they worked up into a blanket. I know this yarn tends to be seasonal and can sometimes be hard to find, so feel free to use any size 4 weight yarn – I’ve made a few other v-stitch blankets with Caron Simply Soft and they turned out great. (If you use Caron Simply Soft you’d probably only need 2 skeins of the main color and 1 skein each of the alternating colors.)

gray white pink v stitch blanket

If you’ve never used either of these v-stitches before, here is a video you can watch before you get started!


Caron Cotton Cakes (8.8 oz/250 g, 530 yd/485 m)

2 skeins Silver Cloud, 1 skein Pink, 1 skein White

Size H/5.00mm, tapestry needle, scissors


Finished size 33 in x 37 in

4 in = 14 st and 11 rows of pattern


Half Double Crochet (HDC): Yarn over (YO), insert your hook, YO and pull up a loop, YO and pull through all 3 loops. 

Double Crochet (DC): YO, insert your hook, YO and pull up a loop, YO and pull through 2 loops, YO and pull through remaining 2 loops. 

Front and Back Post Double Crochet (FPDC & BPDC): A front post double crochet means you insert your hook from front to back around the post of the next DC and work a DC. A back post double crochet means you insert your hook from back to front around the post of the next DC and work a DC.


With Gray, chain 100 (or any even number). 

Row 1: Work HDC, chain (CH) 1, HDC, into the 4th chain from the hook. *Skip one chain, then HDC, CH 1, HDC into the next chain. Repeat from * to the end of the row. In the last chain, work 1 HDC. CH 2 and turn. 

Row 2: *HDC, CH 1, HDC, into the space that’s between the HDC’s of the row below. Repeat * across the row, working HDC, CH 1, HDC into all the spaces between each HDC pair of the previous row. When you reach the end of the row, work 1 HDC underneath the turning chain. CH 2 and turn. 

Rows 3 – 7: Repeat row 2. At the end of row 7, pull through with Pink on the last stitch, when you still have 3 loops left on your hook. Cut the Gray yarn, leaving a tail you can weave into the blanket later. CH 2 with Pink and turn. 

Row 8: Work 2 DC in between each pair of HDC from the row below. At the end of the row work one DC under the turning chain. Before you finish the stitch, pull through with Gray and cut the Pink yarn. CH 2 and turn. 

Rows 9 – 15: Repeat row 2. (7 rows of HDC v-stitch with Gray.)

Row 16: Repeat row 8 with White. (1 row of DC v-stitch.)

Continue working 7 rows of HDC v-Stitch in Gray, one row of DC v-stitch in Pink, 7 rows of HDC v-stitch in Gray, one row of DC v-stitch in White, 7 rows of HDC v-stitch in Gray, until your blanket reaches 35-40 inches or your desired length. 


Weave in all ends with a tapestry needle.

ROUND 1: Pull up a loop in any corner and chain 3. Work one round of DC around the blanket, working 7 DCs for each gray section on the sides and 2 DCs for each color row on the sides. Work 5 DCs into each corner. 

ROUND 2: When you reach the corner you started with, work 5 DCs into the corner, then keep going around the blanket in the same direction, this time alternating FPDC and BPDC. When you get to the corners of this row, you will want to continue the pattern of alternating front and back post double crochet, but you will work 3 stitches around the corner post. 

So, for example, if you get to the corner post and you are supposed to work a FPDC, then work a FPDC, a BPDC, and a FPDC all around that corner post.  Then in the next stitch you would continue the alternating pattern, working the opposite of whichever stitch you just used (in this example, you would work a BPDC). Just remember that you are always alternating front and back post DC around the whole blanket, you just happen to be working three of those stitches around the same post when you are working the corners.

ROUNDS 3 – 4: When you finish row 2, work 3 alternating front post/back post DCs into the corner you started with and repeat row 2 two more times around the blanket, until you have four rows total. Always match your post double crochets so that they are poking out in the same direction as the row below.  I did four rounds total for the border of my blanket, but you can go around as many times as you’d like to get your desired border height. When you are finished with your border, slip stitch into the starting stitch and tie off. 

Here’s a video you can also watch for the border!

If you’d like to add finishing touches to your blanket, lay it out flat on a towel or foam blocking boards if you have them. Use a spray bottle with water to dampen the blanket. Press the blanket into straight lines, massaging the stitches and adjusting your tension. Pin with straight pins and let it dry.

mixed v stitch crochet blanket on ladder

Thank you so much for coming to read this pattern; I hope you enjoy making this blanket! When you finish, please come share a picture with us on Facebook or Instagram using #daisyfarmcrafts, we’d love to see! xo, Hannah

Click here or on image below for printable pattern