Grandma Jannet’s Crochet V-Stitch Baby Blanket

grandma holding blanket

I’d like to introduce you to my mom, Hannah’s grandma and baby Jack’s great-grandma! This is Jannet and she is the one who taught me to crochet. Oh how grateful we are to this beautiful woman who crocheted blankets for not only her own six children, but crocheted a blessing blanket for each of her thirty grandchildren. 

And now, she has crocheted her first blanket for her first great-grandbaby Jack. 

baby jack with blanket

My mom Jannet loves the double crochet v-stitch. It’s a great pattern and stitch that works up so fast, but you can get really creative with the color choices. 

v stitch blanket

She is using Red Heart Super Saver in Soft Navy, Hot Red and White (Click highlighted name of yarn for more details about the yarn.)

She used a J/6mm size crochet hook. 

Here’s a chart of her color changes if you are interested: 

She used the pattern that both Hannah and I have made before. I’ll show you a few examples below. This first one was made by me (Tiffany).

Crochet V-stitch blanket
click photo for pattern

And Hannah has made several, our most popular is her Modern V-stitch Blanket:

blue white and gray v stitch blanket
click photo for pattern

Click any of the photos to be taken to the pattern.

This stitch can be worked with any type of yarn and it is an excellent stitch and pattern for beginners. 

red white blue v stitch blanket

My mom was very creative for her border and continued making the v-stitch around. Essentially a double crochet v-stitch is 2 DC worked in between the pair of DC in the row below. Working this way splits the double crochets apart a bit and that’s what makes the little v’s. 

Be careful to not work your DC between the 2 sets of DC. Then you’ll have a more granny looking blanket. 

For the corners of her border, it looks like she did break that rule in order to work extra pairs of DC. 

For instance, on the first round, work 3 pairs of DC into the corner, then on the next round, work 2 DC in between the 2 pairs, and between the sets. That will give you extra stitches that you’ll need to work around the corner. 

baby jack laying on blanket

Baby Jack sure loves this blanket! He was attracted to the bold stripes and he loved poking his fingers through the little holes. It entertained him as we took him on stroller walks around the neighborhood. 

Such a cutie! One more funny picture we got of him as he was making faces for us in this photo shoot:

baby jack with blanket

I’m so grateful that my mom still enjoys crocheting. It takes her a lot longer these days as her hands are starting to be a bit shaky. But, she has more great-grandchildren on the way and she’s working on her next blanket. 

I’m also so grateful that Jack will have his own handmade hug from her, what a priceless keepsake.