Crochet Striped Crumpled Griddle Blanket

Sometimes I have a hard time coming up with color combinations for baby boy blankets, but I love all the rich fall colors that are in stores right now and as soon as I saw the Caron Simply Soft Pumpkin and Country Blue colors next to each other, I knew I wanted to put them together in a blanket.

When I first started working on it I kept calling this the Bronco blanket because it reminds of the Denver Broncos, but I also think it would be a cute accessory to any kind of sports themed baby room – the Pumpkin color looks a lot like the color of a football or a basketball :).

If you are just learning to crochet, this is a very beginner friendly baby blanket pattern – I used the crumpled griddle stitch, which is worked with alternating single and double crochet and the border is all half double crochet.  So as long as you know those three stitches, you shouldn’t have any trouble.  I really loved this crumpled griddle stitch because it creates a beautiful bumpy texture that looks much more complicated than it really is!

If you are a more advanced crocheter and looking for more of a challenge, I’ll put some links at the end of this post to some ribbing borders my mom has used on other blankets if you want to spice the border up a little bit.  I’ll also put some links to the other baby boy blankets we’ve made if you are looking for more crochet ideas!


(Finished size appx. 27 in x 37 in.)

2 skeins of Caron Simply Soft in White

1 skein of Caron Simply Soft in Pumpkin

1 skein of Caron Simply Soft in Country Blue

1 skein of Caron Simply Soft in Gray Heather

Size H hook

Tapestry Needle


(A PDF of this pattern is also available on Etsy.)


Chain 90 (or any even number).

ROW 1: In the second chain from the hook, single crochet (SC). Then in the next chain, double crochet (DC). SC again, then DC, and continue across the chain alternating SC, DC, finishing in the last chain with a SC.

Chain one and turn.

ROW 2: SC into the top of the SC you just made from the row below. Then DC into the DC from the row below. Continue across alternating SC and DC.

A SC always goes into the top of a SC, a DC always goes into the top of a DC. And the last stitch will be a SC.

Repeat ROW 2 until you reach your desired length. 

When you are ready to switch colors, pull through with the new color on your last SC, leaving a tail that’s long enough to weave in later (you should have two loops on your hook when you’re pulling through with the new color).

Here is the color pattern I used:

8 rows Pumpkin

8 rows White

8 rows Country Blue

8 rows White

8 rows Gray Heather

8 rows White

(Repeat until you reach your desired length)


After I finished the blanket, I used a tapestry needle to weave in all my ends, and then I worked a simple half double crochet (HDC) border around the edge of the blanket.  Here’s how to work the border:

Pull up a loop in any corner and chain 2.  HDC in the next stitch and all around the edge of the blanket, working 3 HDC’s into each corner.  I went around the blanket two more times, still working 3 HDC’s into each corner until I had 3 rows of HDC.  When I reached the corner I started with, I slip stitched into the first HDC and tied off.

If you want a thicker border, you can keep going around the blanket with HDC, continuing to put 3 HDC’s into each corner.  If you want to do something a little more challenging you can also work one of these ribbing borders:

Half Double Crochet Slip Stitch Ribbing

Double Crochet Front and Back Post Ribbing

Thanks so much for coming to read this pattern, I hope you enjoy making your baby blanket! When you’re finished we’d love if you’d share a picture on the Daisy Farm Crafts Facebook wall or use #daisyfarmcrafts on Instagram, we’d love to see your creation!

And here are some more baby boy projects if you’re looking for more crochet ideas!

xo, Hannah

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Happy Crocheting!