Chevron Blankets by Laurie Richardson

Hello there! It’s Tiffany here and I would like to share with you over 20 different chevron designs made by Laurie Richardson. 

Laurie is a member of the Daisy Farm Crafters Group and over the past year, she has been sharing her designs made with our chevron pattern. 

That pattern is so dear to me for two reasons, first, it took me forever it seems to learn how to make a chevron pattern!

(Seriously, I struggled and even wrote a post on everything I learned from that chevron!)

click this photo. the struggle is real with a chevron pattern

And two, it was one of the first blankets I made for a friend who had struggled with infertility for years and finally was pregnant. 

This is darling Reed, the miracle baby! And his chevron blanket I designed just for him.

I just love that Laurie has fallen in love with this pattern. I’ve emailed her to find out why she is so passionate about making chevron blankets, (she’s made over 50!) and here’s what she wrote:

“I’ve been an off and on knitter for many years, but always wanted to make a crochet chevron blanket. Growing up, my grandmother made so many for everyone in our families (some are still in our family after 40 years..and made with red heart yarn!)

When I saw your chevron (and your other gorgeous blankets on Pinterest) it was the closest to my grandmother’s pattern. Your directions were so easy to follow.

I also love the chevron because of the many different design and color combinations that are possible! I think that’s why I can’t stop making them!”

I hope you never quit Laurie! You have added so much beauty to the chevron pattern and inspired many in the group to create their own. I love that the very best about the Daisy Farm Crafter Group. 

The following 20 blankets are made by Laurie, and under each picture are the details of the color of yarn she used. Most have been made with Red Heart Super Saver (RHSS)* and an I 5.5mm size crochet hook. 

RHSS in Aran, oatmeal, carrot and charcoal. Starting chain was 264 and it’s about 54” wide.

RHSS in gold (1-7oz skein) 2 rows, grey heather (1-5oz skein) 6 rows, soapstone (2-5oz skeins) 10 rows and soft white (1-7oz skein) 2 rows, and 6 rows at beginning and end. Starting chain 177, approximately 34×40 inches.

RHSS in white (5 skeins), soft navy, gold, burgundy and paddy green. Starting chain 235, approximately 48×63 inches. 14 rows white, 6 rows of each stripe, and 46 white in the middle.

RHSS in grey heather (3-5oz skeins) 8 rows, Red Heart Comfort in green pea, Red Heart Comfort in melon, Red Heart With Love in daffodil, RHSS in pale yellow, carrot, pumpkin, burgundy, cherry red, lavender, light jasmine, blue and blue suede. My starting chain 177 , approximately 34×39 inches. 

RHSS in white (2-7oz. skeins) 6 rows on the ends and 2 in the middle, turquoise (2-7oz. skeins) 2 rows and macaw (2-10 oz skeins) 10 rows. Starting chain 177, approximately 34×36 inches.  

RHSS in white (2 skeins), cafe (3 skeins), jade(2 skeins) and minty (2 skeins). Starting chain 235, approximately 48×60 inches. 

I used all red heart super saver in turquoise (2-7oz skeins-2 rows) and anthracite ombré (4-10 oz skeins-8 rows). My starting chain was 235 and it’s about 48×60 with an I(5.5) hook

RHSS in white (2-7 oz skeins), RH Comfort in tan (1-16 oz skein), RH Comfort in papaya (1-16 oz skein) and RH Comfort in sea glass (1-16 oz skein). Starting chain 177, approximately 34×42 inches.


RHSS in buff (2 skeins) 12 rows, burgundy (1 skein) 2 rows, charcoal (1 skein) 4 rows, aran ( 1 skein) 4 rows and heather (1 skein) 2 rows. Starting chain 177, approximately 34×44 inches.

RHSS in white (4 skeins) 14 rows, charcoal (2 skeins) 4 rows, and spring green (3 skeins) 14 rows. Starting chain 235 approximately 48×62 inches.

RHSS in white (2 skeins-2 rows each) and violet ombré (4-10oz. skeins-8 rows each). Starting chain 235, approximately 48×60 inches.

RHSS in white (2 skeins-6 rows each), charcoal (1 skein-2 rows each), light blue (1 skein-2 rows each), and light grey (3 skeins-8 rows each). Starting chain was 206, approximately 40 x 52 inches.

RHSS in charcoal (2 skeins) 6 rows, grenadine (2 skeins) 2 rows, light grey (2 skeins) 6 rows, and anthracite (3 skeins) 8 rows. Starting chain 235, approximately 48 x 60 inches.

RHSS in white (4 skeins), light grey (2 skeins), grey heather and jade. Starting chain 235, approximately   48 x 60 inches.

RHSS in white, frosty green, hunter green and cherry red. Starting chain 235 and approximately 48 x 60 inches.

RHSS in white, cherry red, light grey, charcoal, and aruba sea. Starting chain 235 approximately 48 x 60 inches.

RHSS in white, light grey, turquoise and dark orchid (less than 2 skeins of each color) Starting chain 235 48×60 inches. 18 rows of each color per block.

RHSS in white, baby pink, petal pink, light raspberry, and claret.

RHSS in white, cafe latte, real teal, Aruba sea and oatmeal. Starting chain 264, approximately 54 inches wide.

Starting chain 264, approximately 54” wide by 64” long. RHSS in white, light grey, charcoal, claret and gold.

Did you know you are invited to join the Daisy Farm Crafters group and share what you have made from DFC patterns? We keep the group specific to just our patterns and questions about our patterns.

You’re able to ask questions from someone who has made the pattern before you or see all the different types of yarn and colors a particular pattern may have been made with. 

You can even ask Laurie, she is a super helpful person in the group to cheer you on as you make a chevron! 

We’ve made different versions of the chevron blanket too! You can see them all in the category chevron under our menu heading, (or just click those highlighted words, there’s a few ripple blankets included in that category.) 

And I’ll just end right here with one of my very favorite pictures of my niece, so cute and happy on the chevron blanket I made for her. 

Sending you all my love and thanks for following us here on the Daisy Farm! 



P.S. Here’s the link if you’d prefer the ad-free Etsy version. 

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