Baby Three Color Crochet Cardigan

Baby Three Color Crochet Cardigan

Often, as I’m sure it is with you, I see a pattern I’d like to try, but I want to put my own spin on it. That is what I have done here with this three-color crochet cardigan. This is a pattern I found on called the Eflin Cardigan. 

I loved the texture of the stitch but I wanted to add more color. I think that’s what we all do right? It’s why I consider crocheting my art form. But anyway, I’m going to give you a review of this pattern, in case you want to change it up yourself.

First though, I designed this sweater using Bernat Softee Baby from In full disclosure, I have this wonderful opportunity once a month to use yarn they send me and make anything I’d like. They sent me these beautiful colors in Pumpkin and Aqua and knew right away that whatever I made, it would be beautiful. The colors work so well together.

Baby Three Color Crochet Cardigan

I want you to realize that this sweater is made from the bottom to the top. You will start with the pumpkin color. The ribbing that you see is added on by me, it’s not on the pattern, but I added it after I made the main body.

The main body is made with alternating SC and DC stitches. I’ve come to know this certain way of alternating as the griddle stitch. I think that is why I was attracted to the pattern, I love the bumpy look of it.

I changed color after 11 rows. Then I did 11 more rows of white. When you get to the part of the pattern asking you to divide for armholes, that’s when I changed color to the Aqua.

Baby Three Color Crochet Cardigan

When I worked the sleeves, I happened to do my own thing and start at the armpit. I like to work around and build the sleeve outward. If you are experienced doing this, I can tell you that I pulled up a loop in the middle of the underarm, worked a few of the stitches together around the corners, and then kept track of how many stitches for each round. I made these sleeves, 23 stitches around, and I wish I would have done them a little bigger. The pattern calls for 30 stitches around, but I thought that might be too wide. So if I was to do this sweater arm again, I would aim for 27.

I added the ribbing stitch on the end of the sleeve. It is alternating front post and back post double crochet. I use it a lot on my sweaters and blankets. You can read and learn the stitch by watching this video:


Baby Three Color Crochet Cardigan

And as you can tell, I opted to work a small collar instead of the hood. I pulled up a loop in the front corner of the neck and worked the alternating griddle stitch back and forth around the neck for 8 rows.

To finish the sweater, I worked around the entire edges with half double crochet, adding one extra row on the front right placket. I haven’t added buttons and won’t for this size. I don’t like adding buttons for anything that is 6-9months old. I am nervous about a baby working the button off and choking on it.

Baby Three Color Crochet Cardigan

And as you can see, baby Harvey looks so cute and doesn’t seem to mind about the buttons! This is the best part of my job! I love seeing how the items I make turn out. He was such a happy cooperative baby! I happen to be very good friends with his grandma and it made me so glad to take his darling picture.

Baby Three Color Crochet Cardigan

I’m loving practicing up my skills for baby sweaters! I’ve designed a few of my own if you haven’t seen them. This is a cable sweater. (Click on the picture to go to the pattern.)

And this color block sweater I made for my niece. (click picture for pattern)
crochet color block sweater

I hope to do more! I love being able to gift a pretty little sweater to a brand new baby.

Thank you all for following us along as I crochet my way to becoming a grandma. Hopefully, before my hands fall off…

Have a wonderful crochet day!

xo, Tiffany