Crochet Spider Stitch

crochet spider stitch


This is another classic crochet stitch that has been around for years and I love discovering them! Especially when they are easy to learn and produce great results!

In this sample, I’m using Patons Alpaca Blend with a size L or 6.00 mm hook. It’s a bulky weight yarn (size 5) and I think that is making this stitch stand out with more definition. I’m also using US term to explain the stitch.

Here’s what you do:


an odd number. (If you are practicing for fun just do about 19. That will give you plenty to work with and get used to turning.)


In the third chain from the hook, work one SC, one CH, one SC, (this is the spider) then skip one CH, (CH stands for chain.) and work the spider again. (SC-CH-SC). Continue across the whole row. You should have one extra chain at the end. Work a SC into that stitch. CH 2 and turn.


SK (skip) over the first two stitches and find that CH one space. You’ll want to work your spider into that stitch. (SC-CH-SC = Spider.) Continue across this row and this time your final SC will be in the top of that turning chain. (Yuck! I know, and if you hate trying to insert your hook into the tops of turning chains like me, I just go under them, just don’t tell my mom.) CH 2 and turn. 

Now repeat ROW 2 over and over for as many rows as you’d like!

I feel like there are three things to really remember about this pattern:

1: a spider is SC-CH-SC and always worked into the chain space of the row below.

2: You’ll end each row with a SC into the top of the turning chain, (or under the turning chain if you’re living dangerously.

3: You’ll always CH 2 and turn and look right away for that CH space to get working.

That’s it!

And always, I’d sure love to see whatever project you come up with! I’m working on another throw. (It’s finished! Click here if you’d like the pattern.) This yarn seems very modern and has that roving look, so my daughter Nicolina has designed another throw for me to make for her and I’m getting right to it!

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POST EDIT: The blanket is finished! Click to see the pattern.


crochet spider stitch blanket