Four Crochet Modern Granny Blankets

Four Crochet Modern Granny Blankets

I’m so glad I found this vintage crochet modern granny pattern in a stitch book for baby blankets a few years ago and made it. I love the stacked look of the grannies, but also the many different combinations of colors I’ve been able to create.

This is a post that will share all the different blankets I have made using this simple pattern and links to each of their patterns.

I realized that so many are making these modern grannies and I wanted a place to round them all up so you can make a choice for what you want your blanket to look like.

So, back to the very first one I made, I called it modern granny in peach and blue. The colors were fresh and so country. It actually reminded me of my wedding back in the 80’s. (Ha! Remember country peach and blue and every kitchen had a goose?)

modern granny in peach and blue
modern granny in peach and blue (click the picture for a link to the pattern.)

This blanket has the simplest border so if you are a beginner and want to try a modern granny, start with the peach and blue. Also, start with using Caron Simply Soft yarn in soft blue and light country peach. You won’t be sad.

So after I made this, my daughter gifted the blanket to a friend who had just had a baby. That meant I needed to make another. I still loved the idea of using peach but this time I wanted to see how grey would look. I found a perfect set of colors at Hobby Lobby in their Baby Bee Sweet Delight line and the modern granny in peach and grey was born!

modern granny in peach and gray
modern granny in peach and grey (click the picture for a link to the pattern.)

It was so dainty and lightweight! I loved how the colors complimented each other so I knew it needed a slightly daintier border. This blanket has the most complicated border with the working of the little shells around the edges, but still pretty beginner friendly, maybe advanced beginner friendly.

Now, one of my other daughter’s friends had a baby girl, and this one went right out the door to her friend! Don’t get me wrong, I do love that my girls like to gift crochet to their friends, I just want to keep one of these modern grannies for the eventual grandchild.

So, I made another.

This time, I was inspired by a pillow I saw at Target. (Target is a giant store here in the United States. Sort of like a Wal-mart, but with slightly better stuff. Still affordable though.)

boho modern granny

I just loved the bit of deep orange with peach and pink. If I could have found gold in yarn, I might have included it. But, I had left-over Caron Simply Soft Yarn in several colors and I did my best to find ones that were close enough.

I was so surprised at how good they looked together! This is Caron Simply Soft in Country Peach, Plum Wine, Soft Pink, Pumpkin, and White. Who knew?

boho modern granny

I needed to just figure out the way to arrange the color so the pumpkin wasn’t too overwhelming and dominate the blanket. I like how it just sits in the middle. And then let’s have a conversation about that plum wine! I love how it is making a comeback. It really gave me a feel for that bohemian look.

So I guess that’s why I decided to name it the modern boho granny!

And then when I finished, all I could think to add for the border was pom-poms! pom pom borderThe pom-poms really were a perfect addition to each end of this blanket. And they are so simple to make, I promise. If you know how to double crochet stitches together and make slip stitches, you can make these.

boho modern granny blanket
modern boho granny (click the picture for a link to the pattern.)

I just put them on each end, but I’ve seen some of you do them around the whole blanket and it’s really cute too! Here’s one last picture because I love this blanket so much, and guess what, I still have it! I might hide it so my girls can’t give it away. (shh, don’t tell.)

boho modern granny on couch

Many of you know that since I started this website in hopes to become a grandma, my daughter Hannah, the one I’m praying for to become a mom, has started crocheting herself and that plum wine color caught her eye too! She decided to attempt to learn how to make a modern granny.

modern granny in progress

She texted me this picture and I loved how she paired the plum wine with the minty color! In Caron Simply Soft it’s called soft green, but really its the perfect mint green. She was so pleased that she learned how to keep the sides straight on this pattern!

It is easy to do, but you have to pay close attention or it will trip you up. (Each post with the pattern does have video help, so no worries there, and in case you just want to watch the video here, I’ll post it at the end of this post.)

modern granny on chair

She finished up her blanket and we called it Striped Modern Granny

Hannah worked a very simple border for the edge to keep the focus on the stripes and because she wanted hers to be very gender neutral. I think it could be used for a boy or a girl, I think it would look amazing in a modern nursery.

One more picture of her blanket, you know because, I’m a proud mom! ha ha.

modern granny on bench

So that is a round-up of all the modern granny blankets we’ve made so far! I have a feeling more will be in my future. I just love the look of this stitch too much and I love that I can make this one so incredibly fast. (Well, as fast as crochet can be, maybe a few days of three great movies?)

Here’s a video explaining how to make the Modern Boho Granny and how to get this blanket started and how to work the end of each row.

As always, thank you so much for sharing your work with me! I love when you post your completed Daisy Farm Crafts blanket to my wall on Facebook! or tag me on Instagram using #daisyfarmcrafts and I can easily share your blanket up in stories! (Instagram added a feature where you can share posts straight to stories! Yay!)

Have a wonderful crochet day!