10 Organizations for Donating Crochet Projects

click photo for pattern

Hello dear crochet friends!

A common question we’ve seen pop up in the Daisy Farm Crafters Group on Facebook is “Where is a good place to donate extra crochet projects?”

I thought it would be a great idea list 10 organizations with links to each site all in one post so it can be easily referred to. 

And I know there are so many more than ten, but this list will at least get you started. 

So, if like me, your crochet is piling up and you don’t have a specific someone to gift it to, these are some really great places to donate your handmade hugs as I like to call them. 

1.Crochet for Cancer

Do you love to crochet hats and caps?  Then this is the charity for you.  Started by a mother-daughter duo when the mother was diagnosed with Stage 3UA Uterine Cancer in October 2011.  There are chapters across the United States. 

Click here for hat patterns on our site that would be great to make and donate. 

2. Project Linus

Just like the lovable Linus from The Peanuts Gang, who dragged his blankie all over the place, this organization provides blankets to children who need them for medical or trauma reasons.  They only accept handmade blankets because the children that receive them are so touched and write letters of gratitude that someone took the time to make them a handmade blanket.


Click here for some of my favorite gingham blanket patterns that could be a perfect project Linus blanket.   

3. Binky Patrol

Another name for a blankie that a little one loves is a “Binky” and Susan from California started her organization with a simple signup sheet in a store window. It gained popularity when they were featured on Oprah Winfrey Show! 27 years, the Binky Patrol is still going strong with chapters all over the US.   

(They emphasize not putting religious messages on your blanket as some hospitals or charitable donations can’t accept them for funding purposes.)  

Click here for a list of all our blankets made with Velvet. I can see that being so cozy for a little one. 


4. Warm Up America

Evie Rosen founded WUA in the early 1990’s.   It is the Primary charitable organization supported by the Craft Yarn Council.   Yarn enthusiasts donate “7 by 9″sections which, when joined together make finished afghans.  

They also accept crocheted clothing items! We have a few sweater patterns for children that might work. Refer to Warm Up America website to see what specific items they are in need of. 

5. Red Scarf Project

Make red scarfs for former Foster children, who have aged out of the program, attending College. The red scarf is offered as part of the Valentines Day Care Package.   The red scarf is tangible evidence that someone cares enough to spend their precious time on a scarf just for them. 

Click here for quick and easy scarf patterns to send.  

6. Warm Hearts~Warm Babies

In 1996, after giving birth to a tiny 8 inch, 4-ounce baby, Victoria Swain found that the hospital was not equipped to clothe or provide even a blanket for her tiny stillborn infant. Driven by the knowledge that there was a need to be filled here, she looked for a way to fill that need.  You can crochet blankets, sweaters, booties or caps or babies.  

Click here for a beginner friendly newborn hat pattern

7. Operation Gratitude

In the cold winter months, Operation Gratitude includes in a care package, a homemade hat or scarf,  that is sent to the Troops in the USA. 

Click Photo for the pattern to Mesh Stitch hat

8. Knit a Square

Crochet a square for orphaned children in Africa. And, don’t be fooled by the name as they also take crocheted squares.    

Your square combined with others around the world provide a huge handmade hug to a child who deserves it.  This skinny heart would be a great idea for a square (even though it’s a hot pad, just make one.)

9. Comfort for Critters

Make blankets for homeless pets that are awaiting adoption.  The blanket provides a bed for the pet and then goes with them when they find their forever home.  

This Rainbow Modern Granny is a pet blanket I made for my friend Benson:   

rainbow modern granny blanket folded

10. Knots of Love

Founded in 2007 its mission is to provide lovingly handmade beanies to people going through chemo and NICU blankets to babies in neonatal ICU incubators.  

click photo for blanket pattern

I hope this list gets you started on donating your crochet, I’m sure there are so many more too! Wherever you decide to donate I know that it will be so appreciated. 

Thank you for sharing your “handmade hugs”  with the world!

XO, Tiffany