Speedy But Weird Brownies

When my sister Haley came to visit me the week before she had to go back to school, we decided to take a stab at these “Speedy But Weird Brownies.”  I think it’s funny that our Grandma Anna Vee called them that (or maybe she got the name from someone else, I don’t know) because I don’t think they are that weird, I think they are actually really genius!

Basically, they taste just like normal brownies, but instead of baking them all together in a large pan and then cutting them into squares, you bake them in cupcake liners on a cookie sheet so then when they come out, they are already individualized.  You just wait a little bit for them to cool and take them out of the liners and you don’t have to worry about your brownies turning into a pile of mashed chocolate when you try to cut them into squares.  And you don’t have to spend hours cleaning the burnt sides of your brownie pan.  You just take your brownie and throw your liner away.  Like I said, GENIUS.  Why have we not always been making brownies this way?

Another bonus of the cupcake liner method is that they are perfect size to go alone with a scoop of vanilla ice cream :).  And they look super cute with the ridges on the side!

Maybe this is already a trade secret that all the brownie makers already know about, but I’d never heard or thought of making brownies this way before.  I also want to try using a brownie mix and cooking them in the cupcake liners and seeing how they turn out.  Because if it turns out well, I think my brownie life will be changed for ever – no more trying to cut brownies in a pan! And no more washing brownie pans!  I’ll let you know how it goes when I try it out :).