Simple Crochet Cable Twist Stitch

This is a very basic cable twist and perfect for beginners to learn and practice, I use this stitch in my baby cable twist sweaters. 

For this practice swatch…chain 12.

Row 1: In the 3rd chain from the hook HDC (Half Double Crochet-US terms.) Work one HDC into each of the next chain spaces. You should have ten HDC.

Row 2: (you will be working in between the posts of the half double crochets-insert your hook to the left of the post, or another way to describe where to insert your hook is under all the three loops that a HDC makes.) Work 3 HDC, then 4 DC, 3 HDC. Always working in between the posts.
Chain 2 and turn.

Row 3: Work 3 HDC, then 4 front post dc around the dc of the row below, then 3 HDC. (Last stitch will be worked in between the post and the chain two. Make sure you didn’t add a stitch next to the fpdc. Go to the left of the hdc post after working the fpdc.)

Row 4: chain 2 turn, work 3 HDC, 4 back post dc, (reach your hook around. You want the cables to stick out on the same side.), finish the row with 3 HDC.

Row 5: 3 HDC, skip over the next 3 DC and work 1 front post treble crochet into the fourth dc, then work treble crochet into the third, then the second and then the first. Twist the post so you can work your final 3 HDC, making sure you go to the left of the HDC post. Chain 2 and turn.

Watch this video for a demonstration of row 5:

Row 6: 3 HDC, 4 back post dc, (keep those treble crochets twisted so you can grab them in order)  finish with 3 HDC.

Watch this video for a demonstration of row 6:

I worked three rows of the fpdc, and then one row of the twist TC then back to three rows of post double crochet.

Here’s a picture of where I used the cables! Click the picture if you want to find the pattern for the sweater and make one for a newborn!

Simple Crochet Cable Twist Stitch
baby cable twist sweater

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