Ranger Cookies

Hello, It’s Haley again! I am here baking again in the kitchen! This week, I decided to try a unique recipe called Ranger Cookies. I’ve never heard of this type of cookie before. At first, I was a little skeptical reading the recipe because it had some unusual ingredients that I didn’t think could go into a cookie. But, I am taking the challenge to bake my grandmother’s recipes and develop more of my baking skills. So bring on whatever baking challenge I have.

I have grown up loving to bake but, I usually stuck to baking chocolate chip cookies and brownies. They were pretty simple to make and tasted really good.  Instead of using chocolate chips, you use rice crispies, nuts, and instead of vanilla, you use lemon juice. I have done some research on Ranger cookies and there are many different versions people have done.

Some people have used corn flakes instead of rice crisipies. Others do use vanilla instead of lemon juice. I have seen some that have chocolate chips in them, in addition to the rice crispies and nuts. It is all about what you prefer. I think that is the great think about baking. As long as you get the basic requirements for an item, you can switch it up to how you like. I did my best to stick to the original recipe to honor my grandmother. But, let me know what you came up with and like the best. I would be interested to know how the corn flakes fair.

Ranger Cookies

Ranger Cookies

The original recipe called for 1 stick of butter and 1 stick of margarine, but I choose to just use 1 cup ( two cubes) of butter, instead of dividing it between butter and margarine. That was just out of my personal preference and I didn’t have any margarine at available.

 While making this recipe, it was my first time grating the rind of a lemon. We didn’t have a real zester, so I decided to use a mini cheese grater. In the finished product, I didn’t taste a whole lot of lemon.

Ranger Cookies

In the original recipe, it did not list the temperature for which to bake the cookies at. The recipe just said the amount of time to bake it for, which was ten minutes.  So I decided to put it at 375 degrees, but it turned out it was a little bit high because some of the cookies got burned before ten minutes. So I would recommend 350 to make sure they don’t get burned.

I used a mixture of both pecans and walnuts for the cookies and chopped about a ¼ cup of pecans and then ¼ cup of walnuts to make the full ½ cup.

The cookies have nice crunch with the oats, cereal and nuts. It kind of reminds of an everything cookie. I have seen recipes where they put “everything but the kitchen sink” into the cookies. Chocolate chips, chocolate candies, nuts, oats, coconut etc. Anything you want. I would personally would like to make this cookie when I am feeling in the mood for something sweet that isn’t too chocolately. I think it is important to have recipes like that. I give this recipe two thumbs up and I hope you enjoy making the cookies as well!

Ranger Cookies

You can check out my last recipe I made, butterscotch brownies, here. I have loved seeing all of the recreations of the brownies. I saw one person that put butterscotch chips in it to give it more of a butterscotch taste which I thought was genius. I definitely want to try that. It sounds yummy!

You can post your creations on the hashtag Daisy Farm Crafts. I would love to see what your Ranger Cookies look like!

Here are some other recipes on Daisy Farm Crafts that are also really good.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to bake my grandma’s recipes. As I mentioned in my previous post, I never knew my grandma because she died before I was born. I can already tell from her excellent baking that she is a wonderful lady! She has some really great taste! I am so happy to be able to honor her this way.

Ranger Cookies

 The goal here at Daisy Farm Crafts is to use our blog as way to preserve her recipes for future generation of our family. The great blessing of the internet is that it will always be there. I am excited to add this recipe to my baking skills and I look forward to making another one of my Grandma Anna Vee’s recipes.



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