Modern Modified HDC Throw

annie holding Modern Modified HDC Throw

This Modern Modified HDC throw is worked length-wise and you change colors mid row. However, the changing of the colors is no different than at the end of a row: make sure before you finish the stitch, you are pulling through with the new color. When you do change in the middle of the row, do not cut the yarn that you changed from, just leave it and you will pick it right back up on the return.

Half of this blanket is two colors divided diagonally to form two triangles (the peach and rose.) This also uses the same technique of changing yarn colors, however, you are changing one stitch earlier to get the colors to work the diagonal. It’s so easy to keep track of too! Once you get going you’ll see!

The stitch I used is called a front two loop half double crochet, or a modified HDC. What that means is that you are inserting your hook into the stitch under the front two loops, instead of the top two loops. Have you learned half double crochet yet? Need a refresher?

Here’s what you do. After you make any length of chain, in the 3rd chain from the hook, YO (yarn over) and insert your hook into the chain. Now YO again and pull the yarn back through the chain space. YO one more time and pull through all the three loops on your hook. Make this row of HDC across the whole row of chains as a base row. Now you are ready to learn the one modification that will change the look of this stitch. Watch the video below:

Using this modification will give you the long rope look that we want to use, especially with this wonderful chunky Bernat Roving yarn! (Of course, this stitch can be used with any yarn, but I really love the look of the Roving yarn with this stitch.)

Ready for the pattern? Let’s go.


Bernat Roving (80% acrylic, 20% wool, 100 g/3.5 oz, 109 m/120 yds)

7 skeins Putty, 5 skeins Quartz Pink, 2 skeins Pale Blush

Size M/9.00mm hook, tapestry needle, scissors


Finished size 37 in x 60 in


Half Double Crochet (HDC): Yarn over (YO), insert your hook, YO and pull up a loop, YO and pull through all 3 loops on hook.


Chain 65 in Putty, pulling through with Rose on the 65th chain and chaining 65 more in Rose. 130 chains,

Chain 2 and turn. (The turning chain does not count as a stitch here or throughout the rest of the blanket.)

HDC in each chain across, pulling through with Putty on the last stitch in Rose, leaving the yarn behind, and not cutting off. You will pick it back up on the return trip. CH 2 and turn.

HDC in each stitch across inserting hook up through front two loops, and pulling through with Rose on the last stitch of Putty. Work Rose across and pull through with Blush on the second to last stitch so the very last front two loop HDC is worked in Blush. CH 2 and turn.

In Blush, work the first two stitches, pulling through with Rose on the 2nd stitch and working across to the putty. Change colors and work across to the end. CH 2 and turn.

Work back across in Putty, changing to Rose, and then making sure you are changing to Blush one stitch early. This will create a diagonal. So now you should have the last 3 stitches in Blush. CH 2 and turn.

Modern Modified HDC Throw in progress

Now you are off and running! Work one more in Blush to continue the diagonal, switch to Rose and work to the Putty and switch. Always CH 2 and turn.

All you really have to remember is when you are working toward the Blush, in Rose, switch colors one stitch early, and then on the return trip, work one more in Blush before switching to rose. Keep this consistent and you will see that the colors form a diagonal line.

Modern Modified HDC Throw in progress

You know you are done when you have two rose colored stitches left to work. You can stop here. I did, because when I looked at where I started the peach, there seemed to have 2 spaces of rose color before I started the blush. But this is personal preference and if you have enough yarn to continue on and do a few more rows.

Here is another video clip showing you how I change all the colors down one row in case it still isn’t clear on how to work this blanket.

And the finished blanket!

Modern Modified HDC Throw on couch

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you’ll take the time to learn about who I am and why I am making blankets and sharing the patterns.

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Click here or on image below for printable pattern