How to Make Our Blankets Larger

We are often asked how to make the Daisy Farm blankets larger. As you know, I am making baby blankets in hopes to be a grandma someday, so most of our patterns are made baby size. We have only a few throws that I’ve made for my kids that are larger. 

However, in each Daisy Farm pattern, when possible, we tell you how to adjust the size. So in today’s post, I’m explaining specifically the three things you need to do. 

You can click on this picture to be taken to the patterns.

Pattern Repeat

1. Use the pattern repeat. As an example of using the pattern repeat, let’s use the Modern Granny Blankets. These are some of our most popular blankets. The have a pattern repeat listed as 3 plus 1. That means make your chain to the width you would like in a multiple of the number 3. That does mean you need a *fabric measuring tape handy, or measure against a blanket you might have and you want to make something a similar size. After you make the base chain a number that is a multiple of 3, then add 1. The plus one is the turning chain. 

Then follow the pattern as listed. I suggest you measure your work again after the first row to get a more accurate measurement of how wide your blanket will be. Base chains can shrink or grow depending on the pattern you use. 

Practice Swatch

2.  Make a practice swatch. If you are nervous to just go all in making it larger right away, I always suggest making a practice swatch. A practice swatch will give you an even better idea of how wide your blanket can become using the yarn you have chosen. (In my experience, you all aren’t using the same yarn as me and that makes a difference. Plus since this is a handmade art, we all crochet differently.)

In our popular gingham blankets, the pattern repeat is based on how many blocks of color across the row. In many of them the pattern repeat is 10 plus 1. 

I suggest you work at least 30 chains (plus 1) to get a good swatch you can measure. Then you would estimate how wide your blanket would be by measuring the 3 blocks and multiplying that measurement. For example, if your 3 blocks of color (30 stitches) measured 12 inches and you want a 60 inch wide blanket, 12 inches x 5 = 60 inches. That is 5 sections of 30 stitches. 30 x 5 = 150. Then add 1 for the turning chain. Your base chain is 151. 

(But here’s also one extra tip for gingham, you want to multiply 10 by an odd number so you begin and end with the same color.) 

Estimate Yarn Amounts

3. Estimate how much yarn you need. Estimating the yarn amounts is something you will have to do on your own. Since we haven’t made the blanket larger, with the yarn you are choosing to use, we really can’t tell you how much to buy. I did find this graphic from All Free Crochet that gives you estimates on what type of project needs how much yarn. Click the link below: 




Also, there were lots of other websites that popped up in Google when I searched the term “How much yarn do I need.” So you could always find other resources. 

Also here is a great chart I found on Pinterest from Good Knit Kisses that shows you how big to make blankets. 

I hope these three tips will help you to make your Daisy Farm Blanket larger. Keep in mind that not all patterns with the specific stripe patterns will easily become larger. One blanket that comes to mind is our vintage stripes blanket. 

click photo for the pattern

In that blanket you would need to increase the width of the stripes or plan on repeating the color sequence.

But for most patterns, you shouldn’t have a problem. 

BettyAnn Sweater Blanket click image for the pattern

I really hope these three tips explain to you how to adjust the size of the blanket. 

If you are wanting more help, or wanting to show us one of your beautiful Daisy Farm projects, we have created a group on Facebook called Daisy Farm Crafters that you can join. Currently we have close to eight thousand people already in the group sharing and helping one another on Daisy Farm patterns. It’s a really great place for beginners especially. 

Teal Stripes Blanket, click photo for pattern

Thank you all as always for stopping by!

xoxo, Tiffany

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