Crochet Even Berry Stitch

crochet even berry stitch

The crochet Even Berry Stitch is a variation of a cluster stitch. Or, could be in the category of a cluster type stitch. It’s all rather confusing all the naming of the stitches, but I like to think that when a stitch is worked all in the same space it is some type of cluster. That’s just me. Maybe you know this by another name?

Either way, it’s so lovely worked up in Bernat Roving yarn. It’s a chunky size 5 weight yarn and mostly acrylic with wool so it’s quite soft and puffy.

The yarn does not split at all. It doesn’t seem to be twisted. Maybe that’s what roving means? Anyway, I picked it up at JoAnn’s but you can buy it at

I am using an N, 10.00 mm size hook to keep the tension just right and a little loose. I want the fluffiness to remain.

If I could say anything about what I’ve learned so far working with all types of yarn, is that the size of hook recommended on the side of the package is a starting point. I start there and work a swatch and decide if I should be going up a size or two. It really depends on your personal tension and the way you crochet. So don’t ever be beholden to what it says on the label. Also, I even change hooks depending on the stitch I use too.

Here is a pattern I developed that incorporates the Even Berry. So you can practice the berry cluster easily.

But first, how to work the Berry:

YO, (yarn over), insert hook, YO, pull through, YO pull through ONE loop on the hook, YO, insert hook, YO, pull through, YO, pull through all five loops left on the hook. 

Now a pattern to practice:


an even number.


SC in the second chain from the hook and in each stitch across.


SC into the first space. Berry Stitch in the next, do not close with an extra chain, work SC into the next space. Keep alternating across the row. Your last stitch should be a SC. CH 1 and turn.

Now, for my visual learners, here is a video clip to help you out.

Here is a practice swatch I made with the crochet even berry stitch adding some different colors–another tip I always give if you want your project to be successful. Do a practice swatch to get everything just right before you jump into the deep end of the pool!

Click here for the full pattern for the Crochet Even Berry Stitch Striped Blanket! 

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