Crochet Crumpled Griddle Stitch



This is a variation on the original griddle stitch. I’ve also modified the pattern so the end of the rows start and finish with a single crochet for ease of turning. (I mean who really likes to find the top of a turning chain? Not me🙅).


an even number. 


In the 2nd chain from the hook, SC, then in the next chain DC. Continue across the chain alternating SC and DC, finishing in the last chain with a SC. CH 1 and turn.


SC into the top of the SC you just made from the row below. Then DC into the DC from the row below. Continue across alternating SC, DC. A SC always goes into the top of a SC, a DC always goes into the top of a DC. And the last stitch will be a SC. Yay! (This is where I am happy there is no top of a turning chain to find) 👏🏼 CH 1 and turn.

I also have a pattern for the original griddle stitch. I made this sample with “I love this cotton” from #hobbylobby in aqua with a #boyeyarncrafts “h” hook.

Ideas I want to use this stitch for: a color blocked blanket. A baby sweater. A scarf. A baby washer. I bet it would look good with chunky yarn that has an ombré look to it. 

Other tip: keep the base chain loose. Or try a sample and see if going up a hook size works for you. Enjoy!