Crochet Waves Hot Pad

Crochet Waves Hot PadI love to practice crochet. I also love to try new stitches with familiar patterns. I used this wave stitch pattern on one of my first blankets I made and shared here on the website.

Easy Interlocking Colors Blanket

I called that one the Easy Interlocking Color Blanket in Coral, Gray and White. The difference between the hotpad and the blanket though, is the type of stitches I used. In the hotpad, I wanted to experiment with the Herringbone Half Double Crochet and a Slip Stitch, instead of regular Double Crochet and Single Crochet for the blanket. 

Here’s a tutorial for the Herringbone Half Double Crochet if you don’t know how to work that stitch. (It’s just one change in a step from the regular Double Crochet, easy.)

Slip Stitch, abbreviated SL ST, is simply inserting your hook, yarning over (YO), and pulling back through and continuing to pull through the loop on your hook. In this particular pattern, I’m working in the back loops of every stitch.


2 Balls of Wool and The Gang Cotton XL, (I bought mine at Joann’s, and here is the description given for this yarn: Long staple 100% cotton with a matte finish. Great for knitting or crocheting clothes and accessories. 100% Cotton, 100-gram ball, Super chunky cotton yarn)

Size K hook


Tapestry needle with a large eye, (this yarn is quite thick)


Chain 29, (Pattern repeat is 8 plus 5.)

ROW 1: Starting in the second chain from hook, *SL ST (slip stitch) in each of the next 4 chains, HHDC (herringbone half dc in) each of the next 4 chains. Repeat * CH (chain) 1 and turn.

ROW 2: Repeat row 1 and working only in the back loops, (always work in back loops from here on out.) Pull through on the very last step of the very last stitch of the row with the new color, CH 1 and turn.

ROW 3:  *HHDC into each of the next 4 SL ST’s, SL ST in each of the next 4 HHDC’s.  Repeat from *. CH 1 and turn.

ROW 4: Repeat Row 3.

Continue alternating colors for 24 rows. Tie off, weave in ends.

Back of Hot Pad:

Make a chain approximately the length of your finished front of hot pad. Add 1 CH and turn. Work the herringbone half stitch for as many rows as needed to cover the front of your hot pad.

With your tapestry needle, sew the two sides together, remember to fashion some sort of loop in one of the corners. Or, if you prefer, attach the two sides together using a single crochet stitch.

Weave in any remaining ends and enjoy! I love to give hot pads away. I think they make the perfect neighbor or friend gift. And I love the extreme thickness of this cotton. I’m hoping to find it again at my local Joann’s Craft store.

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