Crochet Pack a Punch Backpack

Hello and thank you for stopping by for the pattern to the Crochet Pack a Punch Backpack. I think this bag is the cutest thing I have ever seen. And here is even better news, it is made out of the new yarn from Yarnspirations Red Heart Yarn called Granny All In One Square

(Tap the highlighted words Crochet Pack a Punch Backpack if you just came for the pattern and don’t need any more information about the yarn used. This post also answers all the questions we received from our followers about the yarn.)

I recently shared a post about this new yarn and my experience working with it. So many of you have reached out to me with questions about the yarn and requests for more pattern ideas for this yarn that it’s easier for me to write a post. 

First and most importantly, this yarn has been completely restocked on the Yarnspirations website! As a Stitch Ambassador for Yarnspriations, I can also give you a few more dates on when this will be available in stores and online in more places as well. 

Look for the yarn to be available from Joann in stores and online on December 28th. It will also be available from Amazon in January 2024. 

Walmart will begin carrying the yarn online beginning in January of 2024 as well, but the yarn will be in stores in April. 

As for it being available outside of the US or Canada, I’m not sure. I’m hoping that Walmart or Amazon would be the places that ship internationally. I will keep trying to find out more information about that. 

I hope that helps clear up a lot of the questions about where you will be able to buy this yarn. 

The other popular question we received was about the pattern for the square. There will be a pattern printed on the inside of the label, or for the patterns that are on Yarnspirations, there are even more beginner-friendly instructions and videos. 

And, I have shared a video tutorial as well as Mikey of The Crochet Crowd and Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me. They offer even more tips and tricks on how to make the square. And Sarah offers a completely different way of making the square that you might like too. 

Here is the sample graph of the granny pattern that is offered as well: 


So many of you also asked me if it was difficult to make the square and if would it be difficult for a beginner crocheter. I would not say this is difficult, I will say it takes a few times to figure out which hook to use for your specific tension. And, you might need to switch hooks while making the square. 

I suggest having a range of hooks from G 4 mm, H 5 mm, and I 5.5 mm so you can experiment. You want to finish each round as close as possible to the next color change. Once you have that down, it is so fun to work up these colorful squares. 

The yarn is Red Heart Super Saver and we always suggest washing it after you are finished with fabric softener or tossing it into a hot dryer with a dryer sheet and a wet washcloth. 

You can also find the accompanying Red Heart Super Saver shade of any of the colors used. So if you wanted to make several of the squares in a solid color matching the granny, they are an exact color match to the shades of regular Super Saver. 

For patterns, more will be coming soon! Especially as crochet designers have a chance to work with this yarn and come up with more ideas. Already though, Sarah has made the cutest Christmas Tree Ornaments! 

And I have a lot of ideas for making a baby sweater for little Kate. Granny Squares are so popular right now and so many teens are making their own sweaters out of granny’s that it is fun to see. I’m so glad they have this option to find yarn that will change colors for them. 

Now for the darling backpack, here are a few more photos of the project: 

Tap here for the pattern to the Red Heart Crochet Pack a Punch Backpack


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Happy Crocheting!