Red Heart Granny All In One Square – Revolutionary New Yarn!

Hello friends! I am excited today to let you know about a new yarn from our friends at called Granny All In One Square. This is a revolutionary new way to achieve a colorful granny square without changing yarn color and weaving in multiple ends. 

It seriously is a game changer for making granny squares- especially if you do not like to weave in a lot of ends. The yarn simply changes color after each round. It is like magic. 

This is the description from the Yarnspirations website:

Introducing Red Heart All in One Granny Square, the innovative striping effect designed to crochet 5 color granny squares in just 1 ball. No color switchin’. Just keep on stitchin’ with 67% less ends to weave in to finish your next granny square project. This beginner-friendly yarn is perfect for at home or on-the-go projects with 1 ball making up to 14 granny squares. There is no need to carry around 5 different shades to crochet beautiful 5 color granny squares with Red Heart All in One Granny Square.

So far, I have been able to test three of the color shades, and each one turned out just beautiful. As the description above says, each skein makes 14 squares. My squares are 6 inches x 6 inches in size. 

There was a bit of a learning curve in getting the correct tension in each round to end perfectly on the last stitch of the round just before the color change. Sometimes I’d have to make an extra DC, or sometimes an extra slip stitch. If I was way off, I simply undid a few stitches, changed the hook size up or down, and worked the stitches again. 

After I made two squares, I pretty much had the pattern down, and my tension consistent, and I was able to quickly make the 14 squares out of a skein. 

And I have to say, it was really fun watching the colors change and the squares work up! I have all 14 made for the granny with the black edge-the color is called Moody Cherry-and my daughter Annie is hoping I will turn them into a granny sweater vest for her. 

I haven’t made a lot of granny square items, actually haven’t ever made a granny square blanket even, so I have more learning to do on how I want to join the squares. 

But, Yarnspirations has a whole page dedicated to the ways to join the squares that I’m going to be studying. 

And of course they have so many pattern ideas and more will be coming. We are in a crochet granny era! This is so exciting that granny squares are in fashion. 

Tap here if you’d like the free printable version of the granny square pattern from

I have made a video tutorial for you on the granny square pattern that is recommended for the yarn. It is a granny that is worked in the round, starting in the center. You join and chain to begin the next round, there is no turning. This particular pattern also begins with 4 chains joined into a circle. 

It is very beginner-friendly and easy to memorize the pattern after one square. 

Here is the link to the short video explanation on

I can’t wait to play around more with this yarn and experiment with different granny designs. Or, experiment with only working 3 or 4 rounds to make the granny squares smaller. The ideas will be endless with this yarn. 

Check back often on if the yarn is showing sold out, they will be restocking as fast as possible. It is really very popular right now. 

And check back here to see what I’ve made with the Moody Cherry squares. Annie is sure hoping it’s a sweater! 


Oh, and one more tip about working with Red Heart Super Saver yarn. I am rinsing the squares in a tub of warm water with a capful of fabric softener. Then I’m going to block them and lay them out to dry. Block means just to pin them into a square. The above photo was taken before I blocked the squares. Having them blocked will make it easier for me to sew or join the squares together easily and it makes them look more uniform. 

Happy Granny Square Crocheting! 

XOXO, Tiffany