Crochet Mini Dash Baby Blanket with Pom Pom Border

crochet baby blanket white with pink trim small dashes of color in peach pink and dusty rose

This Crochet Mini Dash Baby Blanket is based on the original Modern Dash Baby Blanket Hannah designed and made a few years ago.

And since we are celebrating Baby Kate each month with something crocheted, this was a perfect opportunity to see that pattern in different colors as well as using a different type yarn!

I changed up the border to add pom poms and I think it turned out so cute!

For the best color selection to achieve the look I was going for, I turned to Caron Simply Soft yarn.

pink skein of yarn

Caron Simply Soft is a nice affordable acrylic yarn with an array of colors to choose from. I have found great success using this yarn with a Susan Bates hook.

crochet hooksSince Caron Simply Soft is what I consider a flat acrylic or one without a lot of bounce, the yarn ply’s can split easily, but a Susan Bates inline hook can prevent that from happening.

The hooks I like the best are pictured above. They have a soft brown comfort grip handle. Susan Bates hooks are sold on or your local Michaels or Joann craft store.

I love having the goal of making something for her each month. By the end of this year, she will have a whole keepsake collection of crochet that she can use for her future kids and grandkids.


For a size 32 x 32 inch baby blanket

Caron Simply Soft

  • 100% acrylic
  • Ball Size: 170 g / 6 oz, 288 meters / 315 yards
  • 4 weight

1 skein each of Soft Pink, Light Country Peach, Victorian Rose

3 skeins White

size H 5mm crochet hook, scissors, tapestry needle


Wide HDC or HDC worked in between the post stitches (wHDC): YO, insert your hook between stitch posts, YO and pull up a loop, YO and pull through three loops on hook.

hdc graphic

Double Crochet Bobble: *YO, insert hook, YO and pull up a loop, YO and pull through 2 loops. Repeat from * 4 more times, inserting hook into the same stitch each time. YO and pull through all loops on hook.


Tips to know before you start:

-Pull through with the new color on the last step of the stitch.

-Lay whichever color you aren’t using along the top of your work and crochet over it as you go.

-To avoid your yarn getting twisted as you carry it along your work, it helps to always keep one color to the front and one color to the back each time you switch colors.

-To better cover up yarn that is being carried through, always insert your hook underneath the yarn that was carried across the previous row. 

-to eliminate weaving in ends, you may choose to crochet over the ends as you go, also always inserting your hook underneath the yarn that was carried across the previous row. Make sure your tails are at least 8 inches in length. I don’t recommend this technique if you are using a silky or slippery yarn. 

Chain 111 in White. (To make your blanket larger or smaller, chain any multiple of 8, then add 7.)

ROW 1: Starting in the 3rd chain from the hook, work 1 HDC in each chain across the row. When you reach the last stitch, pull through with Color (you should have 3 loops on your hook when you pull through.) Don’t cut the White yarn. Chain 2 and turn.

ROW 2: Pull the White yarn behind your work, and crochet over it as you work 1 WHDC in each of the first 5 spaces. On the 5th stitch, pull through with White. Carry the Color yarn along and work 1 WHDC in each of the next 3 spaces. On the 3rd stitch, pull through with Color. Then work 5 WHDCs with Color, carrying the White yarn along your work.

Continue the pattern of 5 WHDCs of Color, 3 WHDCs of White until you reach the end of the row, always carrying the yarn you aren’t using along the top of your work so you can easily pick it back up again. You should end the row with 5 WHDCs of Color.

When you reach the end of the row, pull through with White on the last stitch, and cut the Color, leaving a tail that is long enough to weave in later.

ROWS 3 – 5: Work 3 rows of WHDC with White, chaining 2 and turning and at the end of each row. On the last stitch of row 5, pull through with Color.

REPEAT ROWS 2 – 5 for the remainder of the blanket rotating the colors starting with Light Country Peach, Soft Pink, and Victorian Rose. When you reach your desired length, work one row of White after the last Color row to match the one row of White at the beginning of the blanket.


ROUND 1: Chain 2 and turn. Work wide HDC across the top and bottom of the blanket, 3 HDC into each corner, 1 HDC at the end of each row on the sides of the blanket. Change color to Pink on the last stitch of the round. Join with a slip stitch to the space between the turning chain and first stitch, chain 2 and turn.

ROUND 2: Work wide HDC around the entire blanket working 2 HDC between each post that makes up the corners. (In round 1, you worked 3 HDC into one space to round the corner, in round 2, you work 2 HDC in between the first and second HDC, and 2 HDC in between the second and third HDC for a total of 4 HDC) Join with a slip stitch to the starting chain 2. Turn.

ROUND 3: *Chain 3, work a Double Crochet Bobble into the first chain. SL ST to the st just underneath the chain. SL ST into each of the next 6 sts. Repeat from * around. Join with a SL ST to the first st, tie off and weave in the ends.

Thanks for stopping by! If you need a video tutorial see the video below on our Youtube Channel.

XO, Tiffany

Click here or image below for free pdf pattern download.