Crochet Field of Daisies Shrug

Hello there! I’ve made a little shrug for my granddaughter Kate with a pattern for the squares from It’s a new pattern they published a few weeks ago that I fell in love with! 

It is called the Red Heart Field of Daisies Crochet Blanket Pattern  And, here’s a photo of the blanket you can make from this pattern. They are the cutest and easiest squares to crochet and I’ll show you how in a video that is linked at the end of this post. 

But let me back up and show you a photo of baby Kate in a granny square shrug I made her for Easter. This is a photo I shared on Instagram and so many of you loved her little sweater and were hoping I’d show you how I joined the squares to turn it into a shrug. 

Instead of making the same shrug again for her, I thought it would be fun to find a different square, so she has another outfit option. 

These are both 4-inch squares made with Bernat Softee Cotton, I constructed the shrug in the exact same way, so you always could still make a classic granny square if you choose or like the look of the Easter shrug better. 

Here are a lot of color combos I worked up with Bernat Softee Cotton, before I chose to make the squares with a pink center, white petals, and gold square. 

There are so many cute possibilities! The original Field of Daisies pattern uses Red Heart Super Saver, which is a 4-weight acrylic. However, when making clothing for the little kids, I like to use Bernat Softee Cotton since it is a 3 weight, and a cotton blend. 

Red Heart Super Saver would be great if you live in a much colder climate than I do (Arizona) and would like a bulkier sweater. I can see this shrug made in Super Saver for a much older child and it would be fine. 

I used a slightly larger hook than usual when crocheting with Bernat Softee cotton. It is also a size larger than is recommended on the yarn label for Softee Cotton. I used an H-5 mm hook. This gave my squares a bit more drape, which was nice for the shrug and made it more comfortable to wear. 

For this pattern, I thought it best to show you how to construct the sweater in a video tutorial. And, since this is a Yarnspirations pattern, with a free printable pattern, I’m going to send you to their site to download or print that pattern if you’d like, and you can use it to follow along to the video tutorial. 



Tap here to download the free Field of Daisies Crochet Square. 


(If you are new to Daisy Farm Crafts, we always include a free printable pdf of the pattern at the end of each post.)

The shrug can fit a baby from about size 12 months to 24 months, Kate is 16 months in this photo and is wearing size 12 to 18 month size clothes. 

I used 2 skeins of Golden, 2 skeins of Clear White and 1 skein of Petal for the Flower Shrug. The Granny Shrug I just used left-overs, but I did use 2 skeins of the off white color that is named Cotton. 



Tap here to shop for Bernat Softee Cotton from Yarnspirations. 

Thank you as always for stopping by to see what I’m making for my grandkids, friends and family! I am so appreciative of you all. 

Below is the video tutorial, the instructions for the flower square are at the first, and then the second half of the video is a tutorial for the shrug. Good luck to you! I hope yours turns out so cute! 

XO, Tiffany