Crochet Baby Sweater in White, Pink and Gray

I used a free pattern on Ravelry to make this baby sweater, but modified it with a few changes.

Crochet Baby Sweater in White, Pink and Gray hanging on a hook


I used different yarn than the original pattern–organic cotton from Blue Sky Fibers, which is about a 4 weight yarn. This sweater turns out to be about a 9-12 month size. I used a 5.5mm “I” Hook. 


(see bottom of page for abbreviation guide)

One the sixth row, instead of HDC (half double crochet) in every space, I alternated HDC, HDC3TOG in the same space making a cluster. (Instruction for a HDC3TOG or cluster: YO, insert hook into the space, pull up a loop, YO, insert hook back into the same space, pull up a loop, YO and do it one last time, then pull through all loops on your hook, move on to the next space with a normal HDC.)

In the picture above, it’s the second gray stripe that I did that technique. (The first gray stripe I’m counting as the neck.) 

I only did this technique with the grey and pink. I did have to fudge a little under the arms, meaning, I would look ahead, and if the last stitch was going to be a cluster, I’d do two HDC in a row, but under the arm where it wasn’t noticeable. The reason being is I wanted the beginning and end of each row to be a HDC. I hope that makes sense.

The other change I had to make was joining the sleeves much earlier than row 14 which is suggested in the pattern. Because I was using much larger yarn, and I wanted to make a sweater for about a ninth month old, I joined the sleeves at about row 8.


The last suggestion I have for you is to practice this pattern and get a feel for it. Make it first the way it’s written, so you can see how to modify it. I have used and modified this pattern several times and what I usually tell myself is just sub a stitch for a stitch and see what happens.

I did make a simple heart in a magic ring that I sewed onto one side. 

Pattern for that is as follows:

Start a magic ring with 2 chains, then do 1 DC, 1 TC, 1 DC, 4 SC, 1 DC, 4 SC, 1 DC, 1 TC, all into the magic ring loop. Pull it tight and arrange the stitches, then chain 2 and slip stitch into the middle of the ring, tighten one more time and cut a long tail. I use this tail as the yarn that sews the heart onto the sweater. Weave in the ends and your done.

Work in progress of Crochet Baby Sweater in White, Pink and Gray - flat lay, no sleeves
before I added sleeves

The pattern doesn’t exactly tell you how to make sleeves, just to add them if you wish, but I found that if I kept really good track of the amount of stitches in each round, there wasn’t a problem. When I got down to the wrist and change color the first time, I decreased the stitches in the round by 2. (Which means I did a HDC2TOG over 2 stitches to make one)

I hope you have success! If you sub the yarn and use an acrylic I think the clusters will be poofy and not quite so flat. Yarn type does make a project look different.

Either way, I’d love to see what you come up with!  Tag me on Instagram @daisyfarmcrafts or use the #daisyfarmcrafts so everybody can see!

If you have questions, either leave a comment, or email me at and I will try and help you as best I can.

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