Crochet Corner to Corner Stitch

close up of pink and white crochet corner to corner stitch


Chain 6, in the 4th chain from hook, DC, then DC in remaining 2 CH spaces. then CH 6, in the 4th chain from the hook DC, then DC in remaining 2 CH spaces. 

You should have 2 little squares, now here is where it is tricky– flip the first square so that the starting tail is in the bottom left hand corner, the tops of those DC’s line up with the last DC you made and slip stitch into the first chain three space you made. So confusing, I know, but what you are trying to do is create one square with the DC horizontal and one vertical.

So, if you get that, after you slip stitch, chain three and DC 3 more times all in the same space. You just made the third square, the very first square you made should be horizontal, with the tail hanging bottom left. The other two squares are vertical.

Now, chain 6, DC in 4th CH from hook and remaining 2 CHs, (just like above, this is how each square is made.)

Turn, but this is tricky again, slip stitch under the three chains of the previous square. Also you are twisting the square you just made so the dc are facing the opposite direction (horizontal vs vertical) Take the time here to wrap your mind around that and finding those three chains and turning will be easier. 

CH 3, DC 3 more times, slip stitch into next chain three space. Repeat.

Now you have three squares across. Repeat the turning process (CH 6, DC in 4th chain from hook, 3 more DC) and repeat another row, making 4 squares across and continue on from there.

Once you’ve mastered this stitch, check out this pattern for a corner to corner crochet heart blanket!