Corner to Corner Crochet Heart

Corner to Corner Crochet Heart - White background with Teal heart

I’m going to do my best explaining how to do Corner to Corner crochet but honestly, if you have never done it, the best way to learn the technique is to just go to YouTube and find someone who is teaching it. (Note to future self: do your own YouTube tutorial.)

But, I’m anxious to share this blanket and remember how I did it, so when I do it again I will have a pattern.


I used Hobby Lobby Yarn Bee Soft secret yarn with a “I” hook to achieve this look. Other yarn I recommend is Caron Simply Soft.


Chain 6, in the 4th chain from hook, DC, then DC in remaining 2 CH spaces. then CH 6, in the 4th chain from the hook DC, then DC in remaining 2 CH spaces. 

You should have 2 little squares, now here is where it is tricky– flip the first square so that the starting tail is in the bottom left hand corner, the tops of those DC’s line up with the last DC you made and slip stitch into the first chain three space you made. So confusing, I know, but what you are trying to do is create one square with the DC horizontal and one vertical.

So, if you get that, after you slip stitch, chain three and DC 3 more times all in the same space. You just made the third square, the very first square you made should be horizontal, with the tail hanging bottom left. The other two squares are vertical.

Now, chain 6, DC in 4th CH from hook and remaining 2 CHs, (just like above, this is how each square is made.)

Turn, but this is tricky again, slip stitch under the three chains of the previous square. Also you are twisting the square you just made so the dc are facing the opposite direction (horizontal vs vertical) Take the time here to wrap your mind around that and finding those three chains and turning will be easier. 

CH 3, DC 3 more times, slip stitch into next chain three space. Repeat.

Now you have three squares across. Repeat the turning process (CH 6, DC in 4th chain from hook, 3 more DC) and repeat another row, making 4 squares across and continue on from there.

(I recommend, if this is your first time doing corner to corner, to finish out a square in one color, so skip over the heart instructions and do the decrease section)

To make a heart, you will have to grab some graph paper and sketch one out. On an 8.5 x 11 piece of graph paper, the largest square I could map out was 32 squares x 32 and I drew a heart in the middle. 

work in progress of Corner to Corner Crochet Heart - white background, teal heart with yarn, hook and pixel graph


Here are some tips for changing colors.

Have three balls of white yarn and two of the teal, and this is why, you will be changing color and then not fastening off, but picking up and using the yarn when you turn and come back around. So, you will join with a new color, crochet the number of squares on the pattern, pick up the white with a new ball of yarn, finish to the end and turn, then pick up the teal on your way back and then join up again with the first ball of white yarn. There was a point in the heart where a third ball of white (small) helps to carry the white across in the point. 

How to decrease:

According to your pattern you will get to the point where you will need to not add anymore rows, but decrease. When you get to that point, don’t chain 6 and create a new square, instead, turn, slip stitch across the square you just made and then slip stitch into the ch 3 space and dc 3 times and make a square right next to that one.

Ruffle Border

SC around the edges one time, slip stitch to beginning SC, CH 1 turn.

4 DC in next SC, 2 DC in next, repeat all the way around, slip stitch into first DC, fasten off. 

Corner to Corner crochet creates a square blanket.

This sounds so much more complicated than it actually is. Don’t give up! I promise, you will feel like an expert once you master this. Seriously! And you will think, “Hmm, she was right, it’s not that complicated! It’s a bunch of little blocks end on end.” 

Corner to Corner Crochet Heart, white background, teal heart in middle, white ruffle border

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Love to you all,


*Update: This is a graph for a second blanket I did that turned out more oblong than perfect square. I just used a piece of graph paper and sketched a heart right in the middle. It’s 41 blocks across, 33 blocks down, the edge of the heart starts 11 blocks in. I hope this graph can give you an idea as to how to make your own. The finished blanket turned out to be 36 inches by 28 inches. It is a baby blanket size.

I now have a downloadable link to the graph pattern. (Click here for a printable PDF)