Beginner Crochet Slip Stitch Twist Headbands

crochet head band

When I made these and showed my girls, they said, “Wow! those don’t even look handmade!” and followed up with “You could totally sell these at Target.” 

As a crocheter, that just made my day. 

Here’s the thing I personally said to myself after these were finished, “I never know how great back loop slip stitch looks worked all in the round!” And, then followed up with the thought, “these make an amazing beginner crochet project.”

And so here I am, sharing with you two weeks before Christmas a very easy, basic crochet slip stitch twist headband pattern. 

It took me about 4 Hallmark Movies to make. 

crochet headband with o'go yarn

These are made with Caron Big Donut O’go yarn, but you can substitute any yarn you’d like. This pattern is adaptable. (I’m currently working on one with Bernat Softee Cotton, and it’s amazing.)

I guess the only yarn I wouldn’t recommend with this stitch is Bernat Velvet, unless you are super good at finding stitches that are hard to see. I prefer using the Wide HDC with Velvet. 

Here’s a neck warmer I recently made with Velvet that was the inspiration for these headbands, using the Wide HDC sititch.

crochet neck warmer

Here’s the full youtube video that shows exactly how to make the slip stitch headband if you prefer that to the written pattern. Also can help with the demonstration of how to sew the twist together.


1 Caron Big Donut O’go (100% acrylic, 280 g/9.9 oz, 459 m/502 yds)

(1 skein will make at least 3 headbands)

Size I/5.5mm hook (if you crochet tight, go up even more)

Scissors, tapestry needle, tape measure

Size chart:


Size: One average women’s size head, medium adult on the size chart


Slip Stitch: Insert hook into stitch, yarn over, pull loop back through and through loop on hook. 


Chain 9 inches in length.

Join with a slip stitch to the first chain to form a circle. 

Slip Stitch into each stitch around. 

Do not join at the end of the round, continue slip stitching into the back loop of each stitch until the band measures about 18 inches long for an adult medium size head. 

(These will stretch out to 22 inches, if the yarn you use isn’t as stretchy, make the band a little longer.)

Sew the two ends together using the twist method:

Steps to make the twist

 1. Fold band in half, matching one end to the center of the other end.

2. Fold half around the back

3. Fold the other side to the front

4. Sew the band together. 

(See the video for demonstration)

Making twist headbands are one of my very favorite gifts to make. We have a lot of different patterns we recently put all together in one post if you’d like to see other versions. Below is my daughter Annie in the mini basketweave version made with Bernat Velvet. 

When my girls are all home for Christmas, then I’ll be able to take pictures of them in these new slip stitch versions. I have a few more to make through before they arrive. 

Merry Christmas! xo, Tiffany 

Click here or on image below for printable pattern