Design Ideas for Sedge Stitch Blankets

Have you wanted to see some design ideas for Sedge Stitch Blankets? You have come to the right place.

One of our most popular patterns is the Sedge Stitch Baby Blanket.

Hannah made this blanket as one of her very first designs. She used a simple 3 weight cotton yarn, added a ribbed border and we have seen so many of you fall in love with the pattern.

I love the simple look of single crochet, half double crochet and double crochet all combined into one stitch. It gives a neat shell look appearance. 

Then my daughter Nicolina designed a beautiful version with a 4-weight yarn and no border to make the blanket even more simple for beginners.

Her design esthetic is beautiful, as she actually is a trained designer.

Here is the Sedge Striped Stitch blanket she made:  

Since so many members of our Daisy Farm Crafters Facebook group have shared their own creations of the Sedge Stitch Baby Blanket, I thought it would be so fun to share and highlight the blankets in case you wanted to see more color ideas.

Each crafter used various colors and style options that will for sure get your creative juices flowing.  

If you haven’t made one yet here is some motivation to get you started on your first!

Keep scrolling to see all the different blanket ideas.

Trish Byrne made a cuddly striped Sedge Stitch Blanket using Caron Simply Soft in the colors Ocean, Spring Brook, Robins Egg and White with an I size hook. 


Debbie Corwin Weinstein made a beautiful Sedge Stitch blanket in Caron Simply Soft using yellows and graysShe used a 5mm hook. 


Betsy Desmond added an elegant border to her Sedge Stitch Blanket. She used Caron Simply Soft in the colors White, Soft Green and Soft Pink.  She used a 5mm hook.  

Sonia Huckabay said the Sedge Stitch Blanket is what first captured her attention when she discovered Daisy Farm Crafts.   She loves it because she can make it in whatever yarn you like. She chose Caron Cotton Cakes in the colors Aqua, Breeze and White.

Patricia Fife used the free pattern and materials kit from Yarnspirations to make her Sedge Stitch Blanket with Bernat Baby Blanket Sparkle.  It turned out so cute and looks so soft and snuggly.  

Rebecca Iannacone Burdick used Redheart Super Saver, she chose Light Raspberry, Melonberry and Soft White.  It is so bright and happy!

Marisol Torres made a very clean and classic sedge blanket with Bernat Softee Baby Cotton with a G hook.

Shandell Sutherland Laycraft completed her first Sedge Stitch Blanket and she said that it was great to make! She chose Bernat Softee Baby in White and Aqua.


Shelly May Lange made a queen-size blanket.  She used Bernat Pop! in Blue Blaze.  It took 15, 5oz skeins, medium weight to make such a large blanket. It is Amazing!

Susie Fischer says, “Sedge stitch for the win!”  check out the unique border she put on it!

Stasia Fox says, “I just can’t stop….won’t stop making sedge stitch blankets!”  “It is by far my favorite stitch- works up relatively quickly and makes a beautiful textured squishy blanket”

Lindsey Friesen blanket received a lot of love in the Facebook Daisy Farm Crafters group.   All the extra details she added to her Sedge Stitch blanket are adorable. 

Bonnie Heimlich Ross decided to “jump on board” and make her own Sedge Stitch blanket.   She said watching the Daisy Farm video tutorial helped her out a lot!  

Susan Matthews-Riesterer loves that it is such a quick pattern! This beautiful blue, white and green blanket took her only 9 days to complete. 

Ann Mabry received her  25 Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns book just as she was finishing her Sedge Stitch blanket!  She said, “Different colors, different yarn, and I really like it.” 

I couldn’t agree more!  I really like it too!  So many fun and creative ideas for the Sedge Stitch.

Thank you to all the ladies listed in this blog post for sharing your beautiful blankets with us. We so appreciate and love the time you put into your crochet and for being willing to share. 

If you’d like to share with us, feel free to join the Facebook group or if you are on Instagram, share a post and add #daisyfarmcrafts in the caption and we share every Sunday into our stories. 

Have a wonderful crochet day! 

XO, Tiffany