Crochet Winkle Picot Stitch

close up of Crochet Winkle Picot Stitch with gray yarn and gold crochet hook

I can’t decide what is cuter, the name or the stitch. I mean winkle? Adorable! 
The first thing you should know about this stitch is the definition of picot. Get ready it’s really complicated, 😉 picot=3 chains. Yah that’s it. But what you do with those three chains makes the picot. Basically it’s three chains between two stitches that then make a point. Okay now that’s a complicated explanation for something really so simple! .  But, get this pattern in your head before you start: “SC, CH 3, SC.”


Chain a base of a multiple of 3. Then add 2 more chains. Then add 4 more chains and turn. 

In the 6th chain from the hook, work a SC.  Skip the next chain. In the next chain, *work another SC, then chain 3, then in the next chain, work a SC. Skip the next chain space.* Repeat the * until there are two chains left. In the last two chains, work a SC, then chain 2, then in the very last chain, HDC.

Turn your work and chain 4. In the chain 2 space, (the hole they formed, not the actual chains) SC. *Now look for the next chain 3 space, or picot, or big hole, whatever you’d like to call it, and work “SC, chain 3, SC”* repeat the * all the way across to the last space. In that space, which is the original chain 4 from the base row, work SC, CH 2, HDC.

That’s it! Turn your work and start with a chain 4 and a SC into the CH 2 space, and repeat * from the row you just did.