Crochet Sprig Stitch

crochet sprig stitch

I’ve discovered another classic crochet stitch! The Sprig Stitch! It’s very simple so don’t be afraid to give it a try. It’s very similar to the Spider Stitch I’ve used in my Spider stitch blanket. 

In the crochet sprig stitch, the Sprig is a series of 2 SC (single crochet, US terms), 2 CH (chain), 2 SC all worked into one space. Once you get the first row done, you’ll enjoy working the Sprig and enjoy the way it turns at the end of each row. NO missed stitches! You’ll easily see the end and your sides will stay straight. I promise!

I couldn’t decide which yarn type to use so I made a sample swatch of three. Above was the Patons Roving Wool. Below are samples of Patons Alpaca Blend and I Love this Cotton. You can decide which one you like!

crochet sprig stitch crochet sprig stitch

Here’s the pattern for the crochet sprig stitch:


a multiple of 4, then add 3.


In the 4th chain from the hook, work 2 SC. Then, CH 2. In the next chain, work 2 SC. SKIP 2 chains. *work 2 SC in the next chain, CH 2, 2 SC in the next chain, SKIP two chains. Repeat * until there are 2 chains left. Skip over one and SC into the last chain. CH 3 and turn.

(Whew! that row is done and you won’t have to do that again.)


Look for the chain 2 space and work the sprig (2 SC, 2 CH, 2 SC), work the sprig into each CH 2 space across the whole row. End with a SC in the space formed by the CH 3 turning chain. Chain 3 and turn, after every row.


Now repeat Row 2 for as long as you’d like.

Right now, I’m working on a hat pattern using this stitch. It also would be great as a border for a blanket.

Now, if that didn’t make sense at all and you’d rather watch a clip, here you go:

Here are the projects I’ve made with this stitch so far:

Crochet Sprig Stitch Mittens

crochet sprig stitch mittens

Crochet Sprig Stitch Bun Beanie

crochet sprig stitch bun beanie

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