Crochet Shell Stitch

This is the most basic of shell patterns I’ve found. It’s a great start for beginners if you’re ready to tackle this stitch. 


a multiple of 6, then add 2. 


In the second chain from your hook, SC. *Skip two chains, work 5 DC into the next chain space. Skip two chains again, one SC into the next chain. Repeat the instructions from the * to the end. Your last stitch will be a SC into the final chain. Chain 3 and turn.


In the top of the SC you made from the row below, work 2 DC. (You just created a half shell) now look for the middle DC of the shell (the third DC) and SC. Skip over the next 2 DC, find the SC of the row below and work 5 DC. Continue across working a SC into the third DC, and a “shell” into the SC. Your last stitch will be a half shell (3 DC). Chain 1 and turn. 


Start this row with one SC into the very next stitch, the last DC you made on the row below. Skip over the 2 DC, and work 5 DC into the SC, just like you’ve done before. End this row with a SC into the last stitch, chain 3 and turn. 

After you do a few rows the pattern really will make sense and won’t be complicated at all. Just think of your sides, if you started with a half a shell, end with a half a shell. If you start with a SC, end with SC. Always SC into the top of a shell, work a shell into a SC.

You got it!