Crochet Sedge Stitch


Start with a chain in a multiple of three. In the second chain from the hook, HDC (half double crochet) and a DC (double crochet), skip two chains and in the next work SC, HDC, DC. Skip two chains and repeat “SC, HDC, DC” into the next space. Repeat across to the end and there is one chain left. Work 1 SC and turn. 

Chain one (this counts as your firs SC), HDC and DC into the top of the SC you just made. Skip over the DC and HDC, “SC, HDC, DC” into the SC. You’ll always be looking for the SC to do your “SC, HDC, DC” into. Repeat the pattern across ending the last stitch with one single crochet. 

Tips to make this work for you: The turning chain acts as a SC.  Always do the stitch into a SC. I like the puffs this stitch forms, but it also depends on the yarn you choose. Good luck! 

Post edit: Scroll to the end to watch a new video tutorial to show you how to make the stitch.