Red Heart Monster Pattern

baby jack on quilt holding crochet monster

I made baby Jack a little crochet monster stuffie toy to play with to match a beautiful quilt my dear friend made for him. 

baby jack on quilt with crochet monster

I mean look at this quilt, it’s so adorable! My friend Rebecca made it just for Jack. We meet most mornings around 7:30 a.m for pilates class. We have been huffing and puffing together for about the last three years, usually right across from each other. She makes me laugh and brightens my mornings. (Love you Rebecca!)

She has a love for quilting and makes these darling baby blankets and surprised me by making one just for Jack. 

I’ve been wanting to make something crochet to go with it to make it a set, (but really, I wanted to be able to show you all her quilt!)

close up of quilt
I love this detail! I want to figure out how to do something like this for my crochet blankets.

Jack loves this blanket and all the bright colors. Plus the monsters were just too fun. I thought that might be a cute idea for Jack to play with while laying on the blanket. 

crochet monster

I found a pattern on called Red Heart Crochet Monster and it was just easy enough to make! 

I used Bernat Bundle Up yarn and sized down the hook to a G 4.5mm size. 

I also decided to stitch eyes with black yarn instead of add buttons since Jack immediately puts everything into his mouth. 

crochet monster with quilt

I hope you all have Rebecca’s in your life. I’m just so thrilled that she would gift me one of her beautiful quilts for Jack. And now he has a cute monster toy to go with when he comes over to play on the blanket at Gram-gram’s house. 

If you missed the links above, here is a link to the pattern for the Red Heart Crochet Monster pattern and here is a link to Bernat Bundle Up Yarn. 

To see a video of baby Jack playing with the toy, check out our Instagram Reels sections. I had fun filming him trying to learn how to grab it. 

Gosh, grandbabies are just so fun! 

XO, Tiffany