Crochet Mock Weave Throw-Ribbed V-Stitch

For the past year and a half, I’ve been teaching my sister Cyndi to crochet. It has been so fun to watch her learn how to crochet and then get so creative with what she has learned. 

I have to share with you all this gorgeous blanket she made from the Ribbed V-Stitch pattern! I love the way she used color to create this look.

Here’s the original Ribbed V-Stitch pattern that I made for baby Nora out of Bernat Baby Velvet: 

I encouraged Cyndi to try the pattern out as I felt like it was a great beginner pattern that didn’t require a border, and looks more complicated than it actually is.

So she learned the pattern and used Bernat Bundle Up yarn. She also made it baby size and gave it to Nora.

But then she loved the pattern so much, she wanted to start experimenting with color. I’m so glad she did! It turned out so amazing! 

To her, it looked like a woven pattern, so she called it “Mock Weave” since you aren’t actually weaving anything. It’s just a way of switching colors that creates this look. 

To learn how to create this blanket, she has made a YouTube tutorial showing exactly how she made the color changes. I encourage you to give it a watch and learn what she did. I have it linked below:


If you want a printable version of the pattern, see any of the patterns for the Ribbed V-Stitch that I linked above. Scroll to the end of each post and you’ll find the free printable version. 

Cyndi and I have been going live on Youtube most Wednesdays to discuss her crochet journey, see what she’s been working on, as well as what I have on my hook. This coming Wednesday is the last Crochet Sister Chat, before we break for the summer. May is just so busy with the end of school and graduations that we decided to start our summer break. 

We will be back sometime mid to late August though! We appreciate all of you who have been tuning in to hear us chat about crochet. It has been so fun for us as sisters to have the weekly hangout and catch up. 

To find the past Crochet Sister Chats if you want to catch up over the summer, they are on the Daisy Farm Crafts YouTube channel under the playlist “Crochet Sister Chat” and also under the Live tab

You’re in for a lot of laughs and fun and maybe learn a little bit more about us and about crochet. 

We love to brainstorm a lot about crochet patterns and share what we are making for our friends and family, so I hope you’ll be able to join in when we return! 

I just wanted to share this beautiful throw Cyndi made called the Even Moss at Berry Ridge. She is a creative genius and came up with the idea of fun fringe! I have seen so many of you in the Daisy Farm Crafters Group make this blanket yourself and I think we probably all can say how grateful we are that she learned how to crochet! 

I’m excited to see what else she will be inspired to make. 

Happy Crocheting! 

XO, Tiffany