10 Benefits to Learning How to Crochet

I’m so grateful to my mom who introduced me to crochet as a young child. She would have me work on a project while she worked away on hers. I only ever knew how to make single crochet for years, but it was enough to keep me satisfied and busy. 

The way the yarn moved through her left hand and then wrapped around a hook was mesmerizing and magical. 

My hope is that more people can learn about crochet, at any age, and experience the benefits of this craft. This is a short list of ten benefits I’ve found by practicing crochet every day along with links to some blanket projects that might help you get started on your crochet journey. 

1. Crochet May Help Relieve Stress  

Our society has so much stress placed on its shoulders, even just the demands of everyday life.  Turn on the news or a political debate between friends on Facebook and the stress and feelings of uncertainty magnify even more.  Crochet is repetitive motions over and over that can relax the body and calm the soul. When I need to really relax, a beginner pattern, with repetitive stitches is my favorite.

Try the Sea Stripes blanket as a repetitive blanket that can be easy for a beginner.  

2. Crochet May Help with Depression  

Daily battles with depression are prevalent among all age groups and demographics. Trying new hobbies and learning new skills can help keep serotonin levels high. The Cuddly Stripes Baby Blanket is one you could try and might just be the mood lifter you need. To have baby velvet slip through your hands as you work might be a salve to your soul. 

3. Crochet Can Help to Keep Your Hands Busy

People who are OCD or even mildly OCD can reap the benefits of crochet. Madwhimsy, in her blog post, “healing your mind one stitch at a time,” says “Counting stitches + invisible patterns made by hands twirling and swooping through the air = a very happy activity for one with OCD.

Try our Twist Headband as your very first project if you are brand new to crochet. 

4. Crochet Can Help You Concentrate 

There are so many different fidgets that help people focus, listen, and pay attention better because they are actively doing something with their hands.  Crochet can have the exact same effect. The bonus is that you are creating something unique that you can use or gift to someone else.  

Try the  Crochet Velvet Beginner Blanket during a podcast you love listening to.   

(side note: one of my favorite podcasts is “Call Your Grandmother.”)


5. Crochet May Increase Self Esteem  

As you practice and become better at crochet your confidence may increase. There is nothing like creating a handmade item for someone else. You will feel so proud of yourself as you complete each project. How about trying to make a dish cloth as your first project with this video tutorial.

6. Crochet to Gain More Patience  

Crochet takes time and practice. You may have to practice a stitch over and over before you master it. You may have to take your work out and start over again. This may frustrate you and make you want to quit, or it may help you learn more patience as you overcome struggles to get things right. After you master a few stitches and have made a few blankets, the Ridged Lines Gingham might be a blanket you will be ready for.  

7. Crochet May Help You Sleep Better

Babies like to be rocked back and forth because it is a soothing and calming motion that helps the brain relax and the baby fall asleep. Crochet can have a similar effect.  The repetitive motions of crochet help the heart and brain find a similar rhythm to calm you down.

Our Crochet Thick and Creamy blanket might be one to work on each evening to help relax you to sleep.  

8. Crochet to Share and Learn with Others

As you progress and gain confidence in crochet, consider joining an online group like our Facebook Daisy Farm Crafters group to share your struggles and successes with others.  Crocheters are very kind and supportive.  They will help you and cheer you on every step of the way as you practice your new skill.

 The Crochet Chevron blanket would be a great choice to share and learn with others as many have struggled to learn a chevron, but when it finally comes together, it’s fun to connect and share your success. 

9. Donate Your Crochet

Crocheters are a kind group of people.  They often crochet for others.  Many charity organizations love donations of crocheted blankets and hats. Check out this list we recently put together of 10 organizations you can donate crochet items to.  

10. Make Crochet Gifts

Giving to others is easier and more meaningful by learning to crochet.   Baby showers, graduations and weddings are just a few occasions to make a handmade gift.  The amazing thing about crochet is no machine can duplicate it.  It must be handmade making each gift unique and from the heart.

Our go-to gift for baby showers is the Single Crochet Baby Sweater. It works up quick and is so fun to give. 

Crochet has brought so much more to my life than just a yarn craft. Whether you are 12 or 82 it is never too early or too late to start your journey of learning to crochet. 

You are invited to join the Daisy Farm Crafters Group on Facebook to share what Daisy Farm pattern you have been making. Or, simply add #daisyfarmcrafts to your public Instagram posts and we share into our stories every Sunday. 

Whatever way you choose to crochet, we hope you’ll realize that you are bringing love and peace into this world, even if it’s just for yourself. It is excellent self-care. 

Sending you my love and warmest internet hugs,