Happy New Year 2024!

Hello wonderful crochet friends, those following us from the start, and our many new followers. Welcome to the farm! 

I’m Tiffany, the one who started crocheting in hopes of becoming a Grandma. For five years, I crocheted so many blankets and shared my patterns here on my website before I became one. I call it my Grandma in training years. 

Now I’m a Gram Gram to three babies and another one on the way. I’ve said in other blog posts before, and I still believe that my intuition to “crochet and they will come” also applies to how many of you have entered into my life through crochet. 

Every year, my daughter Haley keeps track of our stats and she sends me a little report. We now have over 1.2 million followers on Pinterest, 370k subscribers on YouTube, 366k followers on Instagram. 279k followers on Facebook, 77k Daisy Farm Crafters in our Facebook group and 12.7 million people visited Daisy Farm Crafts website last year. 

That’s so many crochet friends! I couldn’t be happier and so excited that so many of you love to crochet as much as me.

I recently changed our banners on our social media platforms and added the words, “we love to crochet” as there is more than just me crocheting these days and also to express that we all just love this craft so much. 

We aren’t experts or professionals, just aunts, sisters, moms, and grandmoms who are crocheting for our friends and family and writing down what we are creating. 

All last year I had the opportunity to watch my older sister Cyndi learn how to crochet. We had so much fun chatting each week (or at least most weeks) live on YouTube about what she was learning and the projects that we were making. 


We are going to be back this year chatting about crochet most Wednesdays, 10 a.m Arizona time , LIVE on the Daisy Farm Crafts YouTube Channel. (FYI, Arizona doesn’t do Daylight Savings so OCT to MAR we are MT time, the other months PST.)

If you want to see what is coming next on Daisy Farm, this is the time and place where you will see it. I show what I’m currently working on, Cyndi asks a few questions about crochet, but mostly we are chatting and having fun. As Cyndi recently wrote on her Instagram, “bring your hooks and your hot flashes and join us for a laugh and chat about all things crochet.” 

I know for sure that in this first episode, I’m going to be wearing the gorgeous Sister Shawl that she made for me as my Christmas present! She is going to be doing a YouTube tutorial for this pattern but it’s based on the Maggie’s Windowpane Throw that she made just before the end of last year. 

Hannah, my oldest daughter and long-time crochet partner,  will be stepping back a bit in her ability to design new crochet projects this year as she is having another baby at the end of January. We are so excited to be meeting this new little grandbaby. It’s a girl! And I have several blankets underway that I can’t wait to share. 

I’ll also be making lots of bonnets and baby dresses (I hope!) I have big ideas but then somehow run out of time. I’m so hoping I’ll be able to crochet all that I want to for this little one. All last year, I made sure each month I had something for baby Kate, and I hope that I can do the same for this little girl. It’s a bit harder as Hannah doesn’t live close to me, but we can see what will work out. 

We are Stitch Ambassadors for Yarnpsirations in 2024! We are so thankful for their sponsorship of Daisy Farm Crafts and are so grateful that we can partner with a great yarn company that has all sorts of wonderful types of yarn from the affordable to the more luxurious. 

We have been working with them for the last four years and are so excited to continue that relationship. All the yarn we work with here on the website is from Yarnspriations, the home of Bernat, Caron, Patons, Lily’n Cream, and Red Heart Yarn. 

I’m deciding to put my picture up here too so if you see me out and about in the yarn isles at Joann or Michaels here in the east valley of Arizona, I hope you’ll say hi! (It’s happened a few times and it’s just the best to meet you in real life.)

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by and browsing through our website. We try and make our patterns available in all forms to be convenient for you. Each blog post has a free printable pdf at the end, or they are sold on Etsy if you just don’t like websites. We also have some of the patterns available in printed books. We are hoping to get another book out this year. 

Most patterns also have a video tutorial included as well to help you learn and achieve the crochet that you’d like to make. 

As always, if you’d like to share what you are making from our patterns, come and show in our Daisy Farm Crafters Group on Facebook or tag us on Instagram and we share to our stories each Sunday what you’ve made. 

You all are such an inspiration to us and others! 

I wish you all the best for 2024,

XO, Tiffany