Halloween Costume Ideas

I will get a head start on Halloween this year as I will have two (and possibly three!) costumes to prepare. 

I was so thrilled last year when Elizabeth asked me to crochet Jack a Bumble Bee Costume.

baby crochet bumblebee costume

It was tricky to have him keep that hat on, but somehow we made it work for the day of Halloween. Tanner and Elizabeth went as Bee Keepers. So cute!

This year Elizabeth is expecting a little girl, on November 3rd, and since she came early with Jack, I’m getting prepared just in case with a little pumpkin hat for her. 

Elizabeth was thinking Jack could be a giant pumpkin. I picked up some Bernat Blanket Bright yarn in carrot orange to see if I can get something to work out, so stay tuned for that. 

Hannah wants to dress baby James as a ghost. 

She saw this cute idea on Pottery Barn Kids, and we both wondered if I could use our Velvet Nightgown Pattern to somehow make it a ghost costume. 

I’m always up for a crochet challenge, so if in the next few weeks, I post about a ghost costume, you’ll know it worked out! 

But also, I’ve been looking through the patterns on Yarnspirations.com, to gather a few more ideas, in case mine don’t quite work out so I thought I’d like to share with you what I’ve found if you need some ideas too. 

Red Heart Kidding around Gnome Costume

boy with crochet elf hat

Red Heart Mad Willy Hat 

crochet purple hat with orange yarn hair

Red Heart Clowning Around Wig

crochet clown wig

Red Heart Petite Mermaid 

crochet mermaid outfit  


Red Riding Hood and The Wolf.  

crochet hat and crochet sweater

Frankenstein Hatcrochet Frankstein hat

Flower Princess Collar and Hat

crochet flower hat and scarf 

So wish me luck! And stay tuned to see what the kids all end up wearing this year. I am so overjoyed that I get to do this for them.

XO, Tiffany