Crochet Gray and Yellow Bobble and Mesh Stitch Blanket

Made with 100% cotton and 100% love. I can’t stop holding this crochet bobble and mesh stitch blanket and hope the baby that eventually is cuddled up in this feels warm and happy.

Crochet Bobble and Mesh Stitch Blanket - Daisy Farm Crafts Free Pattern


“I love this Cotton” brand from Hobby Lobby. Don’t have Hobby Lobby? The cotton is 3.5 oz / 100g medium weight “4”

H hook

I used about 4 skeins of white, 2 buttercup, 2 dove, I think, I’m sorry I didn’t keep track, but please buy more than you need to make sure you have enough. This cotton is great for washcloths so you could do something extra.

Here is a video that shows you how to work the stitches used in this pattern!


Chain in a series of 4 to your desired length then add 2. I like to make baby blankets between 32 and 36 inches. So, however many chains you make, make that number divisible by 4 then add 2. (Pattern repeat is 4 plus 2)

ROW 1: (Mesh stitch rows) SC in the 2nd chain from the hook and CH 1.  Skip one chain, then SC, CH 1. Skip the next chain and continue the pattern of SC, CH 1, SK 1 all the way across. When you reach the end of the row, CH 1 and turn.

ROW 2: SC into SC of previous row, and CH 1.  Skip next CH, SC in next SC of previous row, and CH 1.  Repeat across.

ROW 3-6: Repeat row 2.

ROW 7: (Bobble row) SC in first SC, CH 1. *DC3TOG in next SC space, CH 1, SC in next SC of previous row, CH 1*, repeat ** across.  CH 1, turn.

ROW 8: *SC in first SC, CH 1, SC into top of bobble stitch, CH 1*, repeat * across

ROW 9: Bobble Row, repeat instructions for row 7.

(I chose to do 3 rows of bobble stitches)

Then do 5 rows of mesh stitch in between your next rows of bobble stitches and start getting creative. Use any odd number of rows in between the bobble rows. Use your own color changes and ideas of how you want your blanket to look like.

Crochet Bobble and Mesh Stitch Blanket - Daisy Farm Crafts Free Pattern


The bobble row will always be done so the bobbles pop out on the right side. There is a right side and wrong side to this blanket. You’ll know you might have done one too many rows of mesh stitch if your bobbles are popping out the wrong way. Always do a row of mesh stitch in between the bobble stitch row so that you are doing them on the right side, hope that makes sense.

In the rows that I did alternating buttercup and dove bubble stitches, I did a row of white mesh stitch. Again, play around with what you like.

I finished the blanket by going around the entire blanket with a mesh stitch and three SC into each corner. 

(A bobble stitch can be 5DCTOG, with the yarn I chose, 3DCTOG, seemed to be just enough.)

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With love,


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